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Maneeleys review!!!

I was a guest at a wedding over the weekend, where FI was apart of the wedding party. The wedding was beautiful however my overall experience at the reception site was horrible!! 

The reception was held at Maneeleys in South Windsor, CT. I don't normally write reviews after attending other people's events however I feel like I need to worn my knottie brides to be! STAY AWAY IF YOU CAN!

**Customer Service=F-
If I could give this place a lower score I would!!! The bride and groom asked my friend and I to sit at the gift table during the reception (In my culture- its common for a trusted person or two to sit at the gift table throughout the reception. This is done to prevent theft also a list of names/phone numbers of the people who contributed is created for the bride and groom to make the whole process of mailing thank you cards/calling people after the ceremony easier). When the servers began to serve salad, bread, AND other appetizers we noticed that we were not getting served. My friend asked one of the servers if we were going to be provided with food. The server stated she was told by her manager not to serve us. We then asked to speak to the manager. The general manager (who was also the coordinator for the day) Sandy was extremely rude!!! When I asked her about getting served  she shouted "If you want to get served you need to sit at a regular table! You know, I've had it up to here (at this point she raised her right hand over head) with this wedding!! This wedding was supposed to be for 200 people yet we are trying to accomodate more than !!.." At this point the guests (including my pastor, church friends ect) at the reception were just in disbelief with her tone of voice and demeanor. I then replied "please do not talk to me like that, if you have any problem you can take it to the bride and groom whom instructed me to sit here" She then shouted"I will talk to you like this at this point I have had it... who told you to sit here?! who told you to sit here?!" My friend approached me and asked me what was going on, I started to explain the story to my friend and Sandy physically came in between my friend and I while we were talking and began to explain her side of the story to my friend by shouting. At this point I walked away.

Prior to my encounter with Sandy, unbeknownst to me, there was a problem with the seating arrangements. More people arrived to the reception site than the bride and groom expected!! (A BRIDE AND GROOMS WORST NIGHTMARE) The best man and some of the groomsmen tried to solve this situation without letting the bride and groom know by paying for the extra (2) tables and chair set up.. SANDY,  yelled at the groomsmen and bestman and told them that they were not willing to put out extra tables and chairs because they have to pay for them! Instead of Sandy taking her to the back she went as far as sticking out her hand and saying you have to pay me now! This was all unfolded in the middle of the dance floor!!  (During this time, it was 1hr into recepion the bride and groom were outside stressing about their missing DJ and MC)! 

Food= C
The bride and groom chose to have a buffet, which is a good way to save money however, the food was horrible!!! Nobody went for additional food!! The potatoes were overseasoned and very salty! The beef was very rubbery, the vegetables were very good (which is why I gave them a C and not an F in this area). I also gave them a "C" in this area because one of the servers (Katie) was very nice to my friend and I after witnessing the blow out between Sandy and I. She served my friend and I even though Sandy instructed her not to! (my heart goes out to the servers because if Sandy feels like she can talk to guests the way she did, then I can only imagine how she speaks to her staff!!!)! The kid's had macarroni and cheese which appeared very watery, along with chicken tenders which was cold. 

My heart goes out to the bride and groom because this was their special day! There were many things that went wrong that day however none that was topped by Sandy's outburst to the guests!! If Sandy would've kept her composure, she would have been able to save the bride and grooms big day!

BEWARE OF MANEELEY'S KNOTTIES!!! Knotties if you are looking for staff, at a reception site, that will provide you with support, remain calm and willing to work with you  to make your special day the best then look ELSEWHERE!! If you would like a place that will give you and your guests stress!!! Look no more! You found the right place because Maneeley's will give you an extra pound of stress on your big day!
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