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Is wrong with people who can't be their own person?  Use their own head?  Come up with their own ideas? They have to be like everyone else and jump on the bandwagon!!! Ugh... (Nothing wedding related at me).

Almost like Football fans.  You're not a true Football Fan unless you have a team that you're a TRUE fan of, whether they're doing good this season or STICK TO YOUR TEAM.  Just because your team happens to be losing in the 4th quarter doesn't mean you root for the other team.  Jerks.  (This by the way was just an example).

People in general irritate me when they have to "copy" others.  Everyone has a mind of their own, USE IT!!!

I get that sometimes one person's ideas, thoughts, likes, etc comes across your desk and for that fleeting moment you think:  "Wow, I really like that"  That's understandable....but to then turn around and purchase, do, or what have you that SAME EXACT thing or concept bugs the hell out of me.

This probably doesn't make any sense to you guys, but I just had to vent. Thanks for listening!!! 
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