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WTF Wednesday!!

Hi Ladies - happy day before Turkey Day.

Complaints go here!!

Re: WTF Wednesday!!

  • In honor of thanksgiving - maybe we should all add a "I'm thankful for" after our complaints!!

    why TF did I let my girls try on dresses without looking at colors first? Of course they would fall in love with a dress that only came in horrible colors (and black). Now we have to scour the city trying to find a dress to beat that one. ugh

    why TF does this super short week feel like one of the longest weeks I've had in a long time?? I seriously feel like I have been working two weeks straight.

    I'm thankful my company gives us Th/Fr off as holiday, that I get paid decently and have good benefits and that my managers are pretty easy going when it comes to work-life balance. I'm also thankful that I've been super careful with money the last 10 years and have my school loans just about paid off, my car paid off, no credit card debt and I live within my means (and that FI does too!) so that FI and I can plan an awesome wedding and hopefully an even more amazing honeymoon without freaking out TOO much about how we will pay for everything.
  • WTF, work, don't you know it's supposed to slow down for holidays? I am thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life. From my family to my FI to my fabulous friends, I am one lucky girl.
  • W(hy) TF am i getting sick?!?! Throat is killing me :-( I am thankful for the life fi and i are starting to build together and for my mom who sometimes does too much but does it because she loves her family just as hard as she works for them.
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  • I don't think that I have a WTF this week! (I hope I did not just jinx that!)

    I feel like I have a lot to be thankful for this year!  I am marrying an amazing guy in 2 weeks, both of our families have been really great during all of the wedding planning, we have awesome friends coming to celebrate with us and life is just really GREAT!
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  • Trudy That is awesome!

    W(hy)TF does everyone think I am under the age of 20 lol We went to an orchard to do some hard cider and wine tasting, I was the only one carded lol. But I can't complain, I am chillin' in the cabin with my fam. It is really beautiful here in the mountains :))) Hope everyone has a great holiday!
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  • I just stopped getting carded at the age of 30...people thought I was a teenager when I was well into my 20's and now no one would guess I am 30 but i don't look like a teen anymore.  Take care of those good genes girl! lol!!
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  • LOL your right! I would never guess you were 30! lol
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