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Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great holiday weekend!  Mine was extremely busy and has left me exhausted!!  I am hoping to catch up on lots of sleep this week :-)

B - yogurt, berries and granola
L - low fat bean burrito, carrots and salsa
S - apple
D - grilled pork chop and salad

WO - session with my trainer!

Have a great Monday!

PS - Are any of you willing to take over the Accountability post starting next Monday?  I leave for the wedding next Tuesday!!!
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Re: Accountability

  • Happy Monday!
     I'm not 100% sure I''ll be able to log on every day so I could totally tag-team with someone to do the posts.

    B- coffee
    L- turkey sandwic and salad
    S- not sure - maybe a banana
    D- chicken tacos

    We did a whole lot of imbibing this long weekend so we are taking drinking anything (besides water, tea or coffee!) the menu this week. On the plus side we actually worked out in the hotel fitness room and did tons of walking around the city over the weekend so I'll pretend I worked at least a couple of those drinks off :)

    WO - Boot Camp
  • I can tag team the post as well. Can't believe you only have a week! So exciting! 

    B: nothing, running late- stupid, tempting snooze button
    L: tomato soup and sandwich
    S: apple probably
    D: No idea, something with Thanksgiving leftovers. 

    Just need to avoid the leftover pies in my refridgerator right now. We ate and drank quite a bit this holiday as well, but I did keep my annual tradition of running in the Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon with my mom and SIL. 

    Tonight's WO: ride my bike
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  • Morning ladies. I was naughty over the weekend holiday. My family are big wine drinkers so lots of calories drank! B: Yogurt and granola S: Half cappuccino/coffee L: Potato bar at work with some chili probably S: probably won't need one D: special k Protein shake after work out W/O Jillian Michaels trouble zones. The girls that worked out with me have been backing out a lot so kinda hard motivation, gotta kick it up a notch! Have a great day ladies
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