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Favorite Friday

This is our weekly post where we talk about our favorite things both WR and NWR from the past week. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!
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Re: Favorite Friday

  • jtolyjtoly member
    WR~ I received my barefoot sandals from Red I by Chelsea, they are beautiful. I'm glad I spent the extra money on them. I'm also on the hunt for a new hair stylist and MUA since I won't be done at the salon, I booked, in time. I'm kinda more excited now, I will have someone come to my room and get airbrush. I didn't want to pay the extra $30 for it but now I'm ok with that! NWR~ I had the best weekend and week to celebrate my bday. I ate out a few times and had some drinks but it looks like my weight didn't change....I was really worried that I over indulged.
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  • Jenn - I think the $30 is totally worth it! Less stress for you.

    WR - I sent an email to all my guests this week asking for their addresses and reminding them about the reservations. I'm glad I did, many of them are starting to make reservations now! Yay! And I also printed my invitations :)

    NWR - I think I've been doing really well with my eating and exercising. I think I lost about 3 lbs these last 2 weeks!
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  • WR - I finalized timings for everything with my WC! That was a HUGE relief for me lol

    NWR - I haven't told you ladies this yet lol.... FI and I started the process of adoption through Children's Aid! Its a long process with classes, etc, and we'd like a newborn so they estimate 2-4 years for most families (and of the ones I know that did that's dead on accurate) so we are starting now to knock a few months off the process... we can atleast do the interviews and get through the classes before the wedding :)
  • Britt - OMG! That's such great news! Congrats!!!
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  • Congrats Britt!  That is so exciting!  I wish you guys all the best with that :-)

    WR - I think that I have finally decided on most of my major vendors and am now ready to take a little break from wedding decisions for a little while :-)

    NWR - I am going to the beach tomorrow for a spa day and dinner with one of my girlfriends!  It should be a great time and I am really looking forward to it!

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  • jtolyjtoly member
    Britt....yay! I'm so excited for you!! Marcia congrats on the weight loss. Trudy that sounds like fun! What are you getting done at the spa?
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  • BMcLeodTeam Congratulations to you.

    WR- I am just starting so the big thing for me this week was finding the boards I have gotten some really great advice from you ladies so far has helped me tremendously. 

    NWR-Moving into a new home next week so hate packing up there's just so much.
  • Thanks ladies :) We were all excited to finally start taking the steps! I know that its a bit of a wait, but I likely would have waited a bit to enjoy being married before trying it I could have my own biologically anyway...
  • BMcLeod-(Britt I think? I'm still navigating my way around here) congrats! That's very exiciting!!!!!!

    WR-Guest list drama that's been stressing me out all week finally resolved itself last night. YAY!

    NWR-It's supposed to be 80 this weekend! Cool
  • WR- Got my DIY bridesmaid's glasses done and they are SUPER cute.

    NWR- Finished week 2 of body revolution.  Also got a new job, where I'll be getting more hours & won't have to be so absolutely stressed about how we're gonna pay for our wedding.

    Britt- That is SO exciting!!  Definitely keep us all updated!
  • Britt- That's so exciting!!!! Good luck!!!

    WR: Well we're exactly two weeks away and on week until we leave!!!!  I think I have all the "stuff" I need now, so now it's just making everything.

    NWR: Our schools are off for two weeks! Yay! Only grad school and the wedding in my future!

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  • FI just emailed to say that we got a package from them in the mail. They said once we got through the introductory interviews they would send the package with the info on how to proceed and all the required paperwork, so hopefully that's what he's holding :)

    harr0610 - Yes it is Britt :) Feel free to call me such!!!

  • jtolyjtoly member
    Yippee! I'm sssssooooo excited to hear about this adventure you'll be on!
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  • I didn't wanna tell anyone until the process was officially started incase it didn't work out getting it going, but now that its on the roll, I am so excited to share that with all you ladies :)
  • Britt - How exciting - Congratulations!

    Jenn - Good luck.  I think the hair and make up in your room will be so much more relaxed for you.

    Marica - Congrats on all your hard work and determination paying off!  3lbs is great.

    Gummibear.  Wow a new house.  Packing sucks but I like going through everything thing and starting fresh!

    Trud - Have fun at the spa!

    Jacqui - Congrats on the new job!  I hope it is everything that you want!

    11beck - Wow so close, the count down is on!

    Nothing exciting in my life.  I am jealous of harr and everyone else who is experiencing weather in the 80's.  I still have over a foot of snow in my yard!

    Have a great weekend!
  • Sounds like everyone has had exciting weeks!

    WR: I picked out the patterns for my pinwheels and found the tumblers that I am going to order for my bridesmaids!  I decided on # 1 from my thread yesterday. O and seeing my B-pics!!!! They are great!!!

    NWR- ummmm I don't know lol.  I had a day off this week from work and school which was nice!

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  • Productive and fun weeks for everyone!!!  Britt- that's awesome!  Trudy - I'm super jealous!

    WR - Ummm, where to start?!  
    -Finalized our Welcome Party menu and paid for it!
    -Paid final balances for most of our vendors!!!
    -Ordered new horseshoes for escort holders/favors - THANK YOU TRUDY! :)
    -Ordered cute little straws and stir sticks off etsy
    -Sent gifts to Josh's siblings (his brother is BM and sister is doing a reading) - we went with Omaha steak packages.  And, I'm paying for his sister and sister in law's make-up the day of the wedding... I think we're set on bridal party gifts!
    -Finalized our seating chart - getting ready to e-mail that to the venue now! :)
    -Got a Welcome Party dress and new bathing suit for the trip!

    NWR -
    FINAL FOUR WEEKEND!!!!  It's gonna be crazy b/c FI's whole side is die hard UK and my family are die hard Buckeyes....  Will make for an interesting wedding if we have an OSU/UK championship!!
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  • WR - just ordered my aqua/teal heels off today (thank you 11beck for showing them to me!) I had been looking for something like that for 6 months! And I ordered my white wedge flip flops from Victoria's secret for later in the night if my feet get sore. I also ordered Edible butterfly's from etsy seller sugar robot in turquoise for our cake. I also else my me e-ring to get polished and cleaned on the weekend, and that takes three weeks so I'll have it April 13 or something, my hand feels do weird without it but it'll look gorgeous when I get it back (it platinum and nicks like crazy) I can't believe we leave in less then 4 weeks for our wedding! NWR - looking forward to a relaxing weekend, there is a local maple syrup festival tomorrow that we are going to go to with our dog and some friends and then dinner later at an amazing Italian restaurant.
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  • Britt- that is so exciting!!!

    WR- FI and I heard a song that is in the running to be OUR song.

    NWR- FI and I are packed and will be starting to move some stuff into our new apt!  won't be officially moved in until next week Tuesday, I can't wait!
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  • Brit -- that is so exciting !!! Great news =)

    WR - I HAVE GOTTEN SO MUCH ACCOMPLISHED. In case you did not read my earlier post...I will brag again. My bulk candle order I placed with candles4less came in and I am very pleased, we met with our WC about the layout of the ceremony/reception and went through several details, we have started collecting string lights for the AHR, my FI picked up his suit that came in and we LOVE it, we ordered our wedding bands, started working on our "HE" "SHE" signs AND MY MOST FAV: we have gotten lots of RSVP's in =) WOOHOO!

    NWR - This is the last free weekend I will have UNTIL JUNE. With showers, other peoples weddings, bachelorettes, a music festival my FI & I are attending and easter I will be all tied up. I plan on finishing a lot of wedding stuff and hopefully purchasing a AHR dress that I have had no success finding =/
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  • Thanks ladies!

    Everyone is getting so much wedding related done! I can't believe how fast time is flying!!!!!
  • WR: I got some supplies I will need to do our invites like the perforating tool and paper trimmer (everything was on sale which made it even better!!). I picked up 2 "bridesmaid" cosmetic bags that I will throw in their OOT bags most likely from Michaels today with their 50% coupon, so I only paid $2.50 for them! I also got two initial wooden plaques for our flower girls that were only .15 each that I will throw in their bags with a bunch of other pool toys and coloring books most likely. I picked up a flower stamp that I will find some use for, and that was .15 also! If you can't tell.....I like a sale!

    NWR: FI finally finished this house, and they will start having people to come look at it! I am soooo happy!
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