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You are all aware that I live on a tiny dot in the middle of the ocean.....LOL!!!  Well, a tropical wave has just came off the coast of Africa and FI's family is in total freak out mode and talking about cancelling the cruise and everything.  HELLO PEOPLE!!!!!  The darn thing just came off the coast and lord knows what it is going to do in the next few days.  I watch the tropics every single day and there have actually been several that came off of Africa and fizzled away so why are they freaking out now???  As if I don't have enough stress. 

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  • haha! I swear the smallest stuff can have some people on high alert!

    Don't worry Dew, I'm sure the fears will be calmed before you leave.
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  • Sending ::xanax vibes:: to your fi's family to chill out!!
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  • lol... I'm so sorry Denise.  I think it is just a minor freak out that they will be over it in a few days.  Well hopefully.  I hope they don't cancel their cruise though. 
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  • Sorry to hear that.  Everything will work out.  ::::::vibes::::::
  • They are more likely to die driving down the street in their own town...Ugh!

    Anyway, hopefully they all calm down ASAP
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  • From one islander to another, tell those people to cool off. Most of the time you think a big storm is going to hit, and it ends up being some scattered showers. And don't let nobody ruin your big day with nonsense! Laughing
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  • LOL sorry Denise, FI family is the same way.  Unless they evacuate the island, we're going to the OBX with or without them.  

    Hopefully there is nothing to worry about and even if it does turn into something, more then likely they'll just redirect your cruise anyways if its in your itineraries path.
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