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Got a quote back from the florist....

Eeekkk ... little more than I was hoping for but not too terrible - $2200.  I guess that's not too bad for a 125 person event, right?  I think I just had high hopes for a lower quote since I'm not having a bridal party ... But they want $200 for my boquet and my sister's is $125 ... Sheesh!  That's why I was so anti-flowers at first, but now I just don't want to be hassled to bring my own centerpieces and whatnot, so when FI's parents offered us more $$, I decided WTH...

I wanted to ask you girls though... I wrote the florist and asked if I'd be able to see pics and whatnot beforehand.  Their descriptions on the proposal of what they want to do sound awesome, but how will I really know what I'm getting beforehand?  How has that worked for y'all planning from afar?
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