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NWR: Advice needed

Ok, I'm going to attempt to make a long story short.  My good friend Sarah lives in Arizona and is currently roommates with our other good friend Patrick.  Their lease ends in a month or so and she had planned to get a place by herself because she has never lived alone.  I told her this was a great idea as I'm a firm believer that everyone should live alone at some point.

Sometime after July 4th (she was here to visit then and single), probably end of July or early August, Sarah met a new guy.  She posts today that her lease is signed and when I ask where she tells me she is moving in with this guy.  Ummm.....they've been dating 2 months at the most which is my first and BIGGEST concern.  My second concern is that she is employed full-time and he just got laid off.  My third concern is that she's 25 and he is over 40. 

I know that age shouldn't make a difference but I have a difficult time understanding what a 40 year old would want with a 25 year old.  Even if I ignore the age difference I am VERY concerned about her moving in with this guy after only 2 months of dating.  She did NOT know him before they started dating either so it's not like they've known each other for years.

Do I bother to voice my concerns (I would NOT voice concerns about the age but stick to the length of the relationship and his unemployment)?  Ugh, I'm seriously sick to my stomach right now and sooooo worried about her.  Please realize ladies that my concern is out of love and worry for her.  Help!!!
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