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Last Post!!!

Wow. I really am in shock that it's my turn to write one of these.

There are so many things about my wedding that would be different if it weren't for this board. I'm not sure who it was that introduced me to etsy, but you really made my wedding what it is!! I got my garter, invitations, programs, and flowers from there. Also, I never would've thought of wedding brochures, and those are my favorite thing!

I hope this board can stay as strong as it has been the last year. From time to time I will peak at other boards, and the negativity there is so strong. It is so different here. All of you seem to genuinely care about one another, and that makes my truly proud to be a part of this board. And even if I do go weeks without posting, there are always people that remember me, and people who don't aren't scared to share their opinion.

I don't want to name many names, because there are so many wonderful women here, but I do want to send a special thanks to Lisa7, Normailed, and my "month twins" Robyn, Katie and Marci. Lisa and Normailed you were so welcoming to me. Even though my wedding isn't at a resort in a tropical destination, I never felt out of place here. I can't thank you enough for that.

In four days, I am going to marry a man that treats me better than I ever knew I deserved. I'm so very lucky to have Matt in my life, and I can't wait to start a life and a family with him. And I hope that I have planned a day that we will always remember as the best of our lives.

Thank you all again, and I will see you on the FLIP SIDE!!!!!

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