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Hair and makeup vent

I decided on my hair and makeup artist back in January and signed my contract and paid my deposit.  I am having hair extensions put in and when that decision was made I was told that they would do them a couple of days before the wedding so I said great, I gave her all my hotel information and told her I would call her as soon as I check in so that I can give her my room number  and we set up an appointment for Friday the 6th at 9:00am.  Well today she sends me my wedding day timeline which is awesome and then says, we are also confirmed for 9:00am on Friday the 6th for your extensions, here is our address to the studio, we'll see you there.  HUH????  I emailed her back and was like, I thought we had already discussed that you would come to the hotel to do the extensions and she says we usually have you come to our studio for that but if we have to come to you, it's an extra $25 for a travel fee.  Ummmmm, ok, I'm already paying $325, do you really think another $25 is going to matter.....LOL!!!!  Ok, vent over, thanks for listening :)

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  • dont you hate when you dont get all the info right away?  why must vendors leave certain piecese of info out expecially when it comes to money.
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  • That sucks they didn't tell you about it.  Its worth the $25 though, it'll make life so much easier if you don't have to go to their studio. 
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  • ugh! that'd be frustrating.

    on a side note - totally can't wait to see the pics of you with beautiful flowing locks!
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  • That is so frustrating!! The good part is that they are still able to come to your hotel and the fee is only $25 - obviously they should have told you upfront, but at least it's not like a $50-75 fee or something!
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  • I want to know how you are getting hair, makeup AND extensions for 325.00????  (minus the fee)  That sounds like a pretty darn good deal.  I looked into extensions a few years ago and it was gonna be like 1200.00 AND they were only good a few days and I couldn't wash my hair.  :)

    I'm gonna go the Jessica Simpson snaps ins for mine, I think.  :)
  • It's the EZ Weft extensions and I was told they will last about 30 days but I will probably have them taken out as soon as I get back.  And the $325 is for me, my mom and my daughter, so yeah, good deal!
  • <~~~~~~~~~~jealous!  great price!  escpecially for 3 of you.
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