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Cruise? DW? Prices?

Hi Ladies!
Im having some trouble and mixed emotions right now with my wedding planning. I feel like trying to please everyone is absolutely impossible, so Im going to try and do what I want. What a concept right!? haha so I turn to you gals for some advice.
Dream Wedding? What do prices go for one typically? If you have a TA through Beach Bum vacation, who do you recommend?
Anyone doing a cruise wedding? How are prices for that? Are you still doing a formal reception and whatnot?
I appreciate your help in advance!!!
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Re: Cruise? DW? Prices?

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    We are getting married in Hawaii March 17th on Norweigan.  I chose this because this is both our second wedding and I am pushing 40, so I thought a low key wedding was the way to go.

    It's not turning out to be that much of a bargain, but you get your wedding and honeymoon wrapped into one.  So far I have been very happy with the wedding organizers.  There are also tons of options in regards to ceremony and reception packages.  We are having our wedding on board before the ship departs.  The cool thing is that you can have guests just come aboard for the wedding and reception.
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