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I love packages in the mail!

I remember when I was in the middle of my wedding planning process and I went crazy buying things left and right whether it was from former Knotties or newly discovered Etsy Sellers, I LOVED getting packages in the mail!

Since the wedding, I've missed the UPS man and our Postman ringing my bell with package in hand... boo!!!  However, when we came back home super early Saturday Morning, there were so many packages for me! 

THANK YOU Bethie122 for the nice surprise package and the awesome Tequilla Lime Dry Rub!!  I can't wait to try it!!

Do you guys get excited having wedding related stuff delivered to you?!? 

Re: I love packages in the mail!

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    I love getting anything in the mail!!!  I so excited when I got my STD's...I can only imagine as I get more in the planning process how exciting it will be to get more things!!!
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    yes i love pulling up in our driveway (probably from buying more wedding stuff at the stores) and seeing boxes waiting for me on our exciting!
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    Woot!! I hope you LOVE the spice rub!! And you're very welcome!
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    Absolutely I get excited! I love getting packages. Both wedding related and gifts! Smile

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    Absolutely!  Although we live in an apartment, so I always get those delivery notices stuck to my door and have to go to the post office, but still - I love it!  :)
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    I love getting fun things in the mail! Wedding related or just gifts :)
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    Yes!! When I was away last week I kept thinking about how much mail would be stashed in our box when I got home lol. We have one of those community boxes across the street and I get so excited when I open our little box and there's a key in it to access the big box, meaning there's a big package. LOL. I'm such a nerd.
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    In Response to <a href=" Theme BoardsForum:54Discussion:a6f73e1c-0619-4622-8658-32453694591dPost:a3c285bb-2bc2-493d-a0e3-ee3e255cdb43">Re: I love packages in the mail!</a>:
    [QUOTE] I get so excited when I open our little box and there's a key in it to access the big box, meaning there's a big package.Posted by Spazdoodles[/QUOTE]

    This EXACTLY!
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    I love mail and packages...although I haven't really gotten any yet. My BM dresses came in but to my parents house which is an hour away on a good day so I will have to wait and get those some other time.
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    I used to.  Nothing really gets delivered anymore except bills.  lol
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    Yes, it's so exciting to get a package in the mail!  I still have a few things coming - I just can't stop!
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