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NWR: Black Friday Nightmare

I don't know if any of you went shopping yesterday but man, I had such a horrible time of it.  All I wanted was the HP Laptop on sale at Office Max.  I get to the store and it's already got a line a mile long.  I saw a friend towards the front of the line and told  what I wanted.  Well, you had to get a ticket then go tot he counter once they let you in.  A friend of hers was with her and grabbed a ticket for me.  So her and I were actually the first two at the counter to turn them in.  All of the sudden, total chaos broke out.  People were just throwing their tickets at the sales lady so she didn't know where to start.  She starteed with one guy and he said he wanted three of them.  Well, it was supposed to be one per ticket because that's how many they have.  And this happened more than once.  So here I am, the second person to turn in my ticket and they are down to three of them left.  I looked at the sales girl and was like, you know dam* well I was the second peson to give you my slip so I better be getting one and she was like, yeah, you'll get yours so she grabbed one for me, rang it up and guess what, the stupid credit machine stopped working, so she had to transfer my sale to another register and walked me over to the front of the line of that one to ring me up so then you hear all the people wanting to know why I skipped the line.  I just paid and got the heck out of there...LOL!!! 

Re: NWR: Black Friday Nightmare

  • Black Friday is CRAZY!!  I am never going to black ever again.  People are so mean and rude, and they will push you and stuff just to get into the store.  It's insane!
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  • I went Sat. and it wasn't too bad...I used to go Fridays but now I work!
  • I had a pretty bad experience, too! I go every year and I know it's crazy but this year was by far the craziest.
    A woman and her teenage daughter complete cut me off to run for something and pushed my cart into me as they were doing so. I loudly said "Excuse you!" and the woman runs back to me and starts screaming in my face that her kid is pregnant and cursing at me. I had kept my cool initially explaining that they cut in front of me and pushed my cart and she got in my face so all hell broke loose. I started screaming and cursing back at her. It's a little embaressing to think I stooped down to her level but she had pissed me off so badly that I snapped. They were so rude. Ugh!
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  • I went BF shopping as well, but it wasn't too bad. The lines were the worst, and I gave up at Office max at first! All I wanted was a camera for 39.99 (godchild present) and I went back later and they still had 20 left!

    At Target the lines were terrible - but we were back in the electronics, so we were able to check out there.

    At Menards, the line was SUPER long down the main isle from the first few registers, BUT if you walked all the way around to the other end (the higher numbered registeres) there was maybe three people per line!!??!! I thought it was kind of worthless for people to stand there for those first registers, but I didn't want to start a stampede by telling anyone!

    I eneded up with some good deals, but mostly went to get the last few things for our trip!! FOUR DAYS!!!!
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