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Good- the food, the DJ, my DH was handsome as ever, my MOH was on point, my other sister who was my bridesmaid looked beautiful (as did everyone else), the best man went above and beyond, and looking back at photos, my brother was on point with holding the umbrella over me whenever I was out in the rain AND the staff at Sandals Negril was SO accomodating with the rain and trying to wait it out.  The minister who married us (who I hadn't met or seen until the day of) was amazing.  Having the fire pit with the Jamaican steel drum band was perfect and was a nice touch!

Bad- Although I was really living the "no worries, mon" mantra of Jamaica, I really wish the sky had broken and my sunset came through.  Also, the spa.  I booked make-up for my mom and sisters, 3 people.  They apparently only had 2 people in the books (maybe even just 1 person) which made us fall behind a bit in time BUT with the rain, everything was delayed anyway so it wasn't a huge deal.  

ETA: Also having to hustle and bustle the day we checked out of the resort, with taking pics, packing, going through the wedding photos. It was hectic and DH and I didn't get a chance to eat until we arrived at the airport around 2pm. Plus I wanted to give a better good bye to certain staff and I wasn't able to :-( Then I felt so disorganized when checking into our flight and everything, i kept misplacing our passports and stuff and it's b/c we packed in such a hurry and my pocket book was a mess!

Ugly- There was an issue during the reception which I won't get into online, but it was a situation where I was put in the position to do something I really did NOT want to do but had to suck it up and do it. All in all, it didn't kill me, but it made me feel for that one moment that I had no control over the situation and it made me cry. ETA: It was a personal issue, not anything that the resort did.
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Re: Good/Bad/Ugly

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    Awesome!!!!! Makes me kind of wish I would've done a proper gbu and would/wouldn't do. Feel like I'm already going to forget details!!! So happy you didn't let the rain ruin it!
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    Awww, lol!!  I loved it...the rain was kind of fun, although it did ruin my curls, lol!! I was a mess by the end of the night :-p  Which would have happened with or without rain, I was dancing so hard I sweated out all of the calories I ate during the week, lol!
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