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Guide to DW Board Traditions & Etiquette

Are you new to the DW board? Or just wondering about some of the customs of the DW board? Please take a moment to read this little guide to (almost) everything you need to know about being a DW knottie.
This guide was updated in November 2011 by kimmykupcakes. It was first created by StLucia818, katers1279 and fijibabyk. It is posted weekly on the DW board so that it can easily be seen by new DW brides. A copy can also be found on the DW Brides bio for reference.

1. DW Brides Bio - The DW Brides Bio (<----- clicky link) is a list of DW Knotties, past and present, that includes information such as locations, venues, wedding dates and contact info. The DW Brides Bio is a great tool for finding other DW knotties, how to contact them, their planning bios to visit for reference, ideas and more. Once you have chosen your location, please add yourself using the Contact Us (<----- clicky link) page.

2. DW FAQ- Wondering whether you're required to pay for guests to attend your DW? If it’s alright to have an at home reception? Or who you can invite to what? Then check out the DW Etiquete Q&A  (<----- clicky link) for answers to these questions and many more you probably never even knew you needed to know.

3. The Knottie Knot - The knottie knot was something thought up by the girls on the DW board. This knot is a symbol of our friendship amongst each other, as well as a good luck charm that is passed from each DW bride to another.

For more information and instructions for signing up, please visit the
Knottie Knot (<----- clicky link) page.  You can also email our awesome KK organizer, BMcLeodTeam at DWKnottieKnot(at)gmail(dot)com to participate.  Please note, in order to participate in the KK exchange, you must be an active participant / poster on the DW board.If you sign up and we do not know who you are, a KK will not be sent to you.

4. Knotiquette - The DW board is a very laid back and welcoming board but there are a few etiquette rules you should know so please click here (<----- clicky link) for a little lesson in knotiquette. You will also find information on how t create a siggy, how to do a PIP and many other helpful tips.

5. Bio Help - Bios are a great way to share ideas with other brides and give them a little glimpse into your wedding planning. If you need help creating a bio, please feel free to ask others on the board.

6. Siggy Challenges – Every couple weeks we DW girls choose something to post in our siggies (posting signatures) as a way to show off just a little bit more of our lives to everyone on the board. These are usually in the form of a bi-weekly theme. To find out what the current siggy challenge is visit the here. (<----- clicky link)

7. Fun Stuff - Tasty Tuesdays, WTF Wednesdays, Confession Thursdays, Getting to Know You, random polls and bios are all big parts of our community. Please join in the fun!

8. The Next To Leave Crown - The next to leave crown (<----- clicky link) was created in May 2007 by knottie eminbmore and it quickly became a tradition for each DW bride to wear it in her siggy as a way for her to have a moment in the spotlight as the next to leave DW bride. Traditionally, the crown was worn by the DW bride (or brides if more than one is leaving the same day) who was literally the next to leave. However, since there seem to be so many more knotties now, you may put the crown on for one week before you leave. This means you may share it with some other brides! Please also add the actual date you are leaving underneath the crown in your signature. Below is the code for anyone looking for the crown, just copy it into your siggy and remove the astericks. And do make sure you remove it when you're back from your wedding or we may get a little confused.

<*img src= width=200* />

***Just be aware that tinyurl's expire after a certain amount of time, so the full URL of the picture can be found
here. (<----- clicky link)

9. Last Post - Now that you have your crown, it's time to start thinking about your last post before you leave. The last post is a tradition on several knot boards that gives a bride a chance to give
shout-outs and thank yous to the knotties who were helpful during planning before she runs off to get married. Please, don’t forget to post yours.

10. After you return from your wedding, please be sure to post:
If you had to do it again... What would you do again? What wouldn't you have done? What should you have done?The Good, The Bad, the Ugly - Let's hear a recap of your wedding (and trip)! Don't leave anything out!

We hope this guide has helped you learn a little more about the DW board and its traditions. If you have any questions, feel free to ask someone on the DW board!

Happy Planning!
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