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Today is my 100 day mark...

Tomorrow my countdown will be in double digits!!! This is insane!

Our RSVPs have trickled off, we've only received 8 back which is fine but every day when I check the mail I get so excited. 

My mom finally ordered her dress, it's a cute chiffon dress from David's Bridal. 
For xmas I bought my dad a tie to wear to the wedding.  Still trying to figure out flowers for the wedding, the lady I'm dealing with is quite annoying because she takes FOREVER to get back, and only replies when I email to check up on her. Then she'll reply and say did you get my response from such and such date? To which I write her and say yes, I replied to that one and then forward my reply.  So I really have to send each reply to her TWICE!  UGH. 

Still trying to figure out a song for my bridesmaids to walk down to but I *think* I want "The Nearness of You" by Norah Jones.

I bought my earrings but keep forgetting to take a pic. Someone posted earrings recently that look very similar to mine. I'm not going to do a necklace, but maybe a bracelet? After seeing Kimmy's adorable purse, I now want one!

Not too much left to do but still thngs to work on.

Thanks for letting me share :)
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