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Budget issue

My WC just informed me she left off $2,600 from my wedding budget on accident (forgot to include the rental prices for the reception). Which also increases her 15% fee.

This is over-budget for us and I am not sure what to do. I told her this is a lot to ask with 4 months away and to see if there are other things we can cut out. I am not sure what we are going to do =( Should we just suck it up and pay the $$ ?? I do not see how we can cut that much money out !!!

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Re: Budget issue

  • what? How can she leave such a huge amount out. That is not two dollars, thats crazy. Is the WC at the destination or one that has been helping you here?
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  • Wow. I am also wondering how she could leave that out. Also I do not think that it's very fair of her to spring this on you and then tell you that her fee increased by 15% too. I would fight that.
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  • Wow, that's terrible. She should take the additional 15% extra since she screwed up!
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  • That is crazy.  She should shoulder some of the cost seeing as she admits it is her fault!
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  • As another Costa Rica bride...that freaks me out. They definately run on "island time" sometimes.

    I would talk to her about it, and if worst comes to worse pay it, and refuse to include that in her service fee. Although, I'm scared to make mad the people planning my day.

    I would first have her send you a detailed spread sheet of all the costs. And you double check and question everything you might think she's forgotten. And then take it from there, with that list in hand you might be able to cut out some other expenses.

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  • If you already signed the contract, doesn't she have to eat the cost? A contract is legal binding. You did sign to pay a certain amount and to be thrown a huge financial burden on you last minute just doesn't sit right with me.This whole thing just seems fishy to me. 
  • What Kimmy said. This sounds really weird and that she's trying to siphon money out of you. I would go back and check the contract. 
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  • Did you sign a contract with an amount stipulated? If so, its a binding contract whether she screwed up or not, that's her fault.
  • Everyone has a boss and I would be talking to hers.  I especially would be refuting the extra 15% for her since she made such a huge error.
  • Yes, having a wedding in CR (or any destination for that matter) can make it very difficult because the culture difference. We have a spreadsheet that has all of our costs and items listed on it...the line with the reception design and rentals was left blank but I thought it was because it was included in the design fee from the design company we are using.

    I was sending her a deposit this morning for the design company when she let me know the additional expense. After talking with my FI we do not think this is right. But I am torn between standing my ground and just giving in because I really do not want any tension between us (she is playing a huge role). I want our relationship to be good...not only is she our WC but she is the concierge at the property of villas we have rented. So she is helping everyone out with activities, groceries, transportation, ect. ect. But that is so much money !!!!!!!!!!!!! And we are so frustrated because we have been working on this budget since November and she finally got everything to where we want it last week !
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