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Favorite Friday!

Here is where we share our favorite things both WR and NWR from the past week.

Weekend, here we come!!
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Re: Favorite Friday!

  • NWR- today is FI's 30th birthday, and we're going to the awesome-est sushi place in the city for dinner :)

    WR- nothing much, have literally done nothing recently. 
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  • Happy Friday!

    NWR - turns out i am taking a half day today!  we are going to NJ shore for the weekend and then to Dolphins/Jets game on Sunday as long at Hurricane Sandy stays away long enough for us to get that in!!

    WR - I am about 2/3 way down making the program fans, decided on gifts for my BMs, went with my mom to pick out her dress for the wedding - it is great!!
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  • Yes! its friday!

    NWR- I finished all my school work for the week, I usually dont get done till sunday. So im happy :)
    WR- my veil came in last night..which is very fast because they said it would take 10 days...bought it tuedsay shipped tuesday got it thurs :))) and I love it!
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  • WR- Still addressing those invitations AND I got my "something borrowed".  It's the Tiara my cousin had for her wedding, although she never wore it :-)

    NWR- The weekend is here!!!
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  • Brite- Can we see pics of the veil??

    Trudy- That's great!! Have fun!

    Cevan- Happy 30th to your FI!  Enjoy dinner :-)
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  • maybe around Nov 1st when I go to my last fitting)hopefully) :)
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  • I have some work you can get your hands on Brite! 

    NWR- I was accepted into an Accelerated BSN program and sent in my deposit yesterday!!! I am so happy that all of the hard work I put in this summer paid off. 

    Post Wedding- I just posted on the local NJ board yesterday about dress preservation and found a great company online it seems. So much cheaper than what I was expecting and with guarantees! Also, I haven't been to Michael's or Hobby Lobby since before we left for the wedding and it feels soooo good! 
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  • WR: Nothing this week :( NWR: I get to switch to 4 10 hour.days I am so happy!! Ladies how do I join the facebook group? Just started a Facebook so i can see my resorts Facebook.
  • Julyet06Julyet06 member
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    Nicole- Congratulations!!  You totally earned it, I know how hard you worked!

    Meg- what is the link to your fb page...i will friend you and add you to the group!  i would say to try and find me, but i have all sorts of privacy settings, lol!
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  • Meg&AustinMeg&Austin member
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    I am new to this new Facebook nth sure what you need leme know if neither of these work [email protected] Or name on there is Meg n Austin Thanks Nicole!
  • found you instantly!  I just sent you a friend request...once you accept I can add you to the group :-)
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  • Aw ladies so many good things going on!! Love reading this! (Meg I'm going to find you on FB ok?) WR- two weeks!!! Things are working out great and I'm LOVING my photographer, and we applied for our marriage license! :) :) :) NWR- nothing... Everything is wedding related at this point lol! But I'm ok with that!
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