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New to the board!!/Royal Playa del Carmen

Ok, I am moving over from the Boston board as we decided to have a destination wedding.

I am really clueless, and wanted your perspective. I already have a resort
i will like to have my wedding at. The Royal Playa del Carmen in Playa Del Carmen Mexico.

Has any one had their wedding at this location?

I was there last year and it is a wonderful resort, but I know it is a different situation when a wedding is involved.

My plans are to get marry in a little church, we fell in love with while there... it is right on Quinta Avenida, for those of you familiar with  the area.

Some of my questions are...

Invitations, I want an elegant beach theme invitation, any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Favor: did you bring your own or bought something locally, what are the recommendations?

Flower: The hotel does not provide center pieces and the ones they sell are a bit pricey. What do you guys recommend. I am planning on a private reception.

Welcome bags, where to get them and what to include.

Again, anyone that has had a wedding here or will be, please share your experience and pictures if available.

Thanks all.

The wedding plans are for August 20th of 2011.


Re: New to the board!!/Royal Playa del Carmen

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    Luz, Congrats and Welcome to the Board! The ladies here are super friendly and helpful! As far as your particular resort, I've never been there, so I don't have any help with that. If you look through the posts, a lot of the other Knottie's have great bios with info for welcome bags. Congrats again!
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    Welcome to the board Luz!  I'm a Florida DW bride so unfortunately I can't help you with the resort.  For my invites I've found great ideas at and (from Beth another knottie).  Look at others bios you'll def get ideas for favors and OOT bags.  Look forward to future "chats"!
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    Howdy- I'm a Riveria Maya bride as well. I'd say your best bet is to use the search feature down at the bottom, read other girls' bios and look at their pics for information.

    I've heard The Royal is amazing!

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    Thank you all. 

    I did a search for the hotel, but went thru 10 pages, but did not find much.
    Any particular advice on what to search for.

    Tinkertoy, where are you getting marry. I know the area some what. Been to Cancun 3 times and Playa once. I love both places but completely fell in love with Playa.

    Yes the Royal is amazing, that is why it was the only hotel in my list. I was thinking also of Playacar Palace, but the reception settings they have are not ideal.
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    Hi and welcome!!  I'm a Costa Rica bride so I won't be much help, but just wanted to welcome you to the board!
    My Bio
    Our Wedding Day 8/7/10
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    Thanks for all the welcomes, it's so conmorting to know i am. I am looking thru the post to see if i find information i need so i don't ask questions that have been asked a 1000 times.

    But i am sure i will have many, many more.
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    Were looking at the Valentin Imperial Maya...know anything about it?

    You might also try as well.
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    Hi and welcome!  I'm a Jamaica bride, so not much help with your resort but just wanted to say hello!
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    Tinker, the Valentine Imperial is a wonderful hotel. The only thing i see a problem with i that it is a little isolated and far way from Playa el Carmen.

    The reason I chose The Royal are: been to it before, so no need to site see (which being short on budget is a good thing)

    I wanted a all adults hotel, but know some of my guess will be bringing kids. The sister resort next door will accommodate that.

    Also, if some guest don't like the AI deal, there are literally hundreds of boutique hotels in walking distance.

    Nut again, the Valentine is beautiful and it gets great reviews on trip advisor.

    go on the forum for Playa del carmen and do a search- Valentin Imperial wedding -
    you can read the reviews and also contact the reviewer. Posters are very nice and helpful on that board.

    Good luck, you chose a wonderful hotel, but again, far from everything.

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    Hello and welcome!  I am actually getting married at The Royal PDC in February.  We went and checked it out this past January and loved it.  I, too, chose The Royal because of the convenience of having the family friendly sister resort next door.  I also love that you can walk off the resort to 5th Avenue rather than needing a taxi just to get off resort grounds.

    As far as the wedding coordination, right now is probably not the best time for me to comment because I'm a little angry with them at this time.  I just found out yesterday from some of my guests that my coordinator is no longer working for them and have never received any form of notification from the resort.  Another thing that I'm a little upset about is the 30% "group discount" that I was quoted is now being offered to anyone that books for 2011 on their website.  I'm sure everything will work out but at this point in time I am freaking out a little...

    Sorry for the rant...To answer your questions:
    Invitations:  I haven't yet picked mine out but I've seen some nice ones on Vista print and Exclusively Weddings
    Favors:  I am just doing welcome bags in lieu of a favor
    Welcome bags:  This really depends on how many people end up coming (right now I have 48 interested people).  I am most likely getting some snacks and stuff like that when we get there and getting stuff like mini first aid kits, lip balm, etc. here.  I am getting the bags from OTC. 
    Flowers: I am also doing a private reception.  I am doing the Luxury package and a centerpiece is included (only one, though).  I am going to have to pay for the rest.  One option you could do depending on how many guests you have is do longer tables so you will need less of them.  I'm not really sure how the resort feels about outside vendors.  Some resorts charge a fee.

    I hope this is at least a little helpful!  Good luck with your planning!
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    Hello and welcome to the board!  I'm a Royal bride too, but in Cancun.  I have never been to the Playa property but absolutely love the one in Cancun, so that is the one we picked!  Communication with the resort coordinators is very stressful.  Apparently they shut down the USA office about 3 weeks ago.  I just got picked up by a coordinator in the newly located Mexico office last week, but have only heard from her once.  (I've emailed her about 3 times).  Other than that, I am completely excited about having our wedding at the Royal! 

    elizabella - We were also offered the 30% discount for the "group rate".  I had no idea that was the normal price.  What a rip off.  I am going to ask my TA about that. 
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    edited June 2010
    Hi Guys, yesterday i found this sire, which is amazingly full of information.

    Below is the link for the Royal, but they have all other hotels as well as other countries etc. I just joined, but from what i have read, the ladies there are very helpful.

    There are also many, many pictures posted by the ladies that already got marry.

    Kford, we also spend 3 days at the Royal Cancun last year. The hotel is wonderful as well. It is acutally better than the rpdc in my opinion, but it is alot newer.

    I didi loved the RPDC and fell in love with Playa. There is more greenery at RPDC for photo opp etc, this is one of the reason I chose it.
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    @kford:  I only found out about the 30% discount they are offering because my sister had said something about being able to get a better rate than what I gave her so I did some mock reservations.  I was really upset because I had just sent out brochures that I made to give everyone our rates so they could decide if they wanted to come.  I feel like it almost makes me look like a liar because I said that the rates were our "group discount" that we negotiated...

    Thanks so much for the info about the new office!  I don't know if that makes it better or worse, though!  Maybe if it was a spur of the moment kind of thing like she quit or something I could understand, but this is something that they've known about and planned.  What's so hard about sending a courtesy email to let us know?!?  Argh!
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    Isabella, I have been dealing with Maritza Guzman over at the 800 number and she has been great. She works every day except Saturdays. If she for some reason is not available when i call, she will give  ma a call right back, but she usually is there to answer all of my questions.

    Maybe, try and hook up with her.

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