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My destination idea - too remote?

Hi all,

Just engaged last weekend here (5/28)!  Yippee!!  Now we're trying to narrow down a a place to do this shin dig for next summer.  We had talked about several locations before, but now to work on logsitics to see if it will actually work.

First of all, I guess this is a destination wedding since both sides of the family are in different time zones and we don't want to do it in our current town.  We have an idea of where to have this, but I would like some input about this.

There's this little town in Idaho we visit often to camp and rock climb.  It's out of the way, you don't accidentally arrive here, you intentially have to find this place.  We love it.

The state park we had in mind has a cute ranch house that was just converted into a rentable house/B&B.  Rent the house (@ only $150/night!) and get the lawn for your event at no cost.  Fully equiped kitchen too. Tidy grass lawn with a tiny creek winding through it and tall trees.  It's out of town so really out in the open.  The backdrop are mountains and rock spires.  The ranch house has a large deck too and fire pits.

So we thought a Friday night, people can roll into town and we'll have a welcome picnic.  Our families have never met before so they'll get to know each other.  

Saturday day will be free to explore the area.  Guided rock climbing, horse back trail rides, a hot springs (nice pool), hiking - basically outdoor stuff.  Wedding would be mid afternoon/early evening, then we will have a catered dinner of Dutch oven perhaps.  A well known caterer in my town will do the 2 hour each way drive for only $100 extra.  
Sunday people can relax some more or head home.

Dinner would be on picnic tables with table cloths.  Not sure about seating yet for the ceremony - maybe hay bales and quilts?  No rental companies in this town.  Everything will have to be hauled in.  So think minimal decorations.  

It is kind of remote, in fact 2 hours from our home.  It's 3 hours from the nearest airport.  People can layover a night in our town if need be as there are many ammentities or stay at our house.

My guess is 35 guests including us - just immediate families and some friends.  Lodging is limited.  8 new Western themed hotel rooms, 3 cabins, 2 yurts with electricity, and a B&B.  Oh and a campground with showers for the rugged and/or budget minded folks.  I think they can fit, some could share the hotel rooms that have 2 ba/2+ bd.

No TV, phones or internet at these places.  Would that be horribe of us to ask people to fly, then drive 3 hours, to spend 60 hours in the middle of no where?

Not sure if I should ask our families if they would be up for this or not.  Of course we want them to have a good time as well.  It sounds great in my head.  
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