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I started out the year doing P90X....did it for 7 weeks, lost 10 lbs.  But the workouts where too long.  Then I walked/jogged most of the summer with my dog.  Then the fall I've been doing 30 day shred with Jillian Michaels.  I do it about every other day.  Reduced food portions and tried to stop eating after 7pm.  It's helped...but I'm so not happy with my body yet.  I want to be happy at the wedding and not so body conscious...that's the goal.  If you need any motivation or anything, let me know!

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  • Thank you so much!  It's great to hear what has worked for you.  I just started Weight Watchers on Sunday, so I'm hoping that will give me guidelines to control my food, I think that's the biggest part I need to focus on.  I've been eating straight CRAP for breakfast and lunch, that if I can get rid of that it will definately help!

    Thank you again!
  • I fell in love with Special K red berries, for 2 cups in the morning it's about 5 points I think!!
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  • I weighed myself at my FIL's yesterday and was not happy w/ the #.  I"m the highest I've been in a couple of years...not good to see less than 2 months before the big day.

    I've restarted the 30 Day Shred and will be working on my portion sizes and food choices.  Now that the holidays are pretty much over, that should be much easier.

    The only vegetable we had at our family dinner last night was green bean's a girl supposed to stay trim w/ that type of diet?!?!
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