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AHR this weekend!

Our AHR is this weekend. FINALLY.
I'll be glad when all wedding functions are all over with. Honestly I don't even really care all that much about AHR now. I kinda wish we didn't even bother having one. Ohwell....We will still have a good time and I know DH's mom appreciates being able to be involved seeing as she couldn't come to aruba for our beach wedding.
I made a new guestbook using our pics from our Aruba wedding too. I LOVE the way it came out! So glad we ditched the other picture frame matte thing we were going to do. I'll be posting some pics after all the festivites this weekend!

Re: AHR this weekend!

  • I felt that same exact way ~ wished we hadn't messed with an was the most extensive (and expensive), stressful part of planning for me.  But, like you DH's mom didn't make it to our DW so the reception was wonderful for her.  In the end it was a wonderful time and everyone had a blast (DH might have had TOO much fun!).

    Have a ton of fun!!!  Can't wait to see your pics.
  • I am ALREADY feeling like I wish I hadn't planned an AHR.  Have fun though!  Can't wait to see pics!
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  • Hope it's PERFECT!
  • Have a SUPER time!!!
  • Ditto Jenni.  Have a great time!  I can't even imagine still doing WR crap. 
  • Have a great time!  Try not to stress too much!
  • Have a great time :o)
    I'm sure once you're there and surrounded by all your guests you'll think it was all worth it.... I understand how you feel though wedding planning takes a lot out of a person.  I know I will be happy when all of our wedding planning is over too. 
    Can't wait to see pics!

  • I felt the same way about our AHR. After the wedding I was seriously thisclose to telling my parents I didn't want to do the AHR anymore. I'm actually looking forward to it more, but I think that's because I'm not actually doing much. It's a low key lunch time buffet. All I have to do is tell the restaurant what color linens, tell my IL's what flowers, and find the clear boxes for our favors. The bakery is boxing the macaroons, so I just have to pick them up! The cake is taken care of & will be delivered.

    Basically all I have to do at this point is make up a guest book (I want to do the same thing you & Jamie did, if our pro pics come in time), get wedding pictures printed for people to see, and decide if I want to do table markers. I don't think I do, since I'm not doing a seating arrangement anyway.

    Well I hope you have fun at your AHR even though you aren't feeling it right now! I'm sure once you're there you will have fun :)
  • Have fun Alison!

    I can't wait to be done with WR things and FI and I are still going back and forth on whether we should do an AHR or not.  We weren't going to do anything fancy, just a bbq, but the idea of planning even more on top of this makes me cringe sometimes.

    If anything, I think it will be worth it just so you can party with the people who couldn't come.  That's what I'm telling myself, so I hope the same goes for you as well!  
  • I felt the exact same way. I felt like the time between the wedding and the AHR we were sorts stuck b/c we weren't done w/ the WR stuff and I was just ready to move on to being just married and not having to plan anything. The AHR was fun though, everyone had a great time and it was worth it to be able to celebrate with people who didn't get to go to Hawaii. Hang in there, you'll have fun, but you'll be thrilled when it's over Wink


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