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Okay ladies here you go.  The good the bad and the ugly!
We arrived in St Lucia Wed afternoon and were bombarded by the Brits (Matt's fam) as soon as we arrived.  We then had to go check in and were taken to our suite.  We had a great room with a decent view.  It was away from everyone else so that was nice. 
On Thursday we got up and met with the wedding planner.  Matt and I pretty much knew all the locations we wanted so all of that was pretty easy.  We decided on the lawn for the ceremony but they were having a 3pm wedding there so she asked if we minded pushing our ceremony back to 4:30.  Ummm hell no!  The later the better.  I was really excited for that.  We then hung by the pool until it was time to get ready for the welcome dinner.  That was held in the private conference room and was buffet style.  It was a fun evening.  After dinner the young ones went to the hot tub.  Note to all: DO NOT DRINK in the hot tub.  Needless to say the bride didn't feel so well on Friday morning - this was bad.  
I finally got some meds and by the time I needed to start getting ready I was feeling much much better.  My mom, mil, and the HMC (honeymoon crashers-our friends) came down to the suite to help me get ready.  Nic was awesome and actually did my hair for me.  Once I was ready everyone headed back down to the ceremony spot.  My mom stayed with me to wait on the wedding planner.  I'm pretty sure I was late to my own wedding. hehe.  :) 
The ceremony was interesting.  It had been cloudy all day and it had been so hot while we were there I was glad for the clouds.  As soon as I got to Matt at the end of the aisle it started to sprinkle.  And since we were kind of under the tree it really wasn't bad.  Just a few drops here and there, enough to keep things cooler.  So as Matt and I are standing there the officiant goes into her spill and says Matthew **** Spencer.  We look at end other and look at the guests and everyone is chuckling a little.  When she finally looks at us Matt goes, "my last name is Edwards."  She's like what?!?!?  Stops the ceremony, crosses the name out and proceeds.  She then proceeds to call me Kelly Susan.  That is NOT my middle name but close enough so Matt and I just repeat the right name and move on.  It felt like the ceremony lasted forever honestly.  Then we had to sit and sign the marriage license.  I felt the ceremony was a little disorganized, I wish we'd had a walk through but whatever.  Neither of us are that formal really.  
After the ceremony the Sandals photog (they provided him anyway) took some pics.  While we were getting ready for one of the group shots a green grasshopper jumped on my dress.  So rain and grasshoppers we should be good on luck. :)  Even though the photog's pics pretty much sucked, Matt's uncle was able to take the same shots and the Sandals guy took us to different spots and set up shots which was nice.  
We then headed up to the lookout terrace for our cocktail hour.  It was nice but pretty hot up there.  Matt and I had our first dance and cut the cake. Finally we had to get someone to grab a shuttle to take us to dinner bc the WP hadn't sent one up.  Dinner was really nice. The food was really good and the location we chose was pretty cool.  It was right by the beach and had fans.  After dinner Matt and I were both really hot and tired and went back to our room.  So the reception wasn't more then dinner really but it was nice.  And we didn't really have a "rump-shaking" crowd.  :)
All in all though we had a great trip.  And even though the ceremony was kind of a cluster I felt it was pretty fitting for me and Matt.  We did what we always do which is laugh. 
I'm still working on my would do/wouldn't do.  It's not very long.

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    Sorry to hear about the ceremony hickups, but it still sounds lovely. The pictures that you do have look beautiful! I'm guessing these are from the uncle? Anyway-- You looked absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations :) I have a hunch that's how our wedding is going to turn out, but I'll just be happy to be married at that point :)

    What was your favorite non-wedding related part of the trip?
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    yIpee!  So glad to hear most things went pretty well!!!  At least you can laugh about it and not get upset over the ceremony issues!

    Congrats Mrs!!!  We're glad to have you back!

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    Ahhh I truly think those little hiccups are the things that make the best memories!!!  My FI always tells me he'll be upset if I don't trip while walking down the aisle haha - I'm the biggest clutz EVER!

    I'm glad you had a wonderful wedding!  Your siggy pic is amazing!  Congrats MRS! :)
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    I feel like I was there!!!! Ahhhhh, I'm so happy for you!  Those sort of things are the things that you will remember forever and laugh at 10 yrs down the road :)  Rain and a grasshopper?!?  Damn you're lucky!  There was a reason why Mulan carried her lucky grasshopper :)  Your pictures from his uncle turned out great, I loved looking at them!!  Your hair was perfect and the hair flower is awesome!!!  I'm thinking about getting a colored one for my AHR after seeing yours!
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    A pictures speaks louder than words and by your pictures MRS. it looks like you were the happiest bride and like you had an awesome wedding. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Your pictures on FB are gorgeous. So Congrats and Welcome Back MRS.!

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    Awww!  Thanks ladies.  We really did have a good trip. Brea we did 2 excursions while we were there.  One was a boat trip to a valcano and waterfall, lunch, and then snorkeling. By FAR the best trip, called Joe Knows.  Then we went ziplining.  It was cool but priced almost the same as Joe knows and not as long and it was only the zipline.  

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    Awww yay loved reading this! Congrats again Mrs!! Whats the story with the honeymoon crashers?! Uh oh
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: G/B/U</a>:
    [QUOTE]Awww!  Thanks ladies.  We really did have a good trip. Brea we did 2 excursions while we were there.  One was a boat trip to a valcano and waterfall, lunch, and then snorkeling. By FAR the best trip, called Joe Knows.  Then we went ziplining.  It was cool but priced almost the same as Joe knows and not as long and it was only the zipline.  
    Posted by aukelly[/QUOTE]

    <div>That sounds SO awesome! :) I'm glad you had a great time!</div>
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    HAHA!  We had 2 couples that stayed with us after the wedding.  Honestly it was nice to have people we knew with us.  We figured we would either end up hanging with people we met or we could hang out with friends.  So I started calling them the honeymoon crashers. :)
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    I love your sig picture and can't wait to see a few more.  It sounds like you had a great time!  You'll remember that ceremony forever and be able to tell your kids about it. I'm glad you were able to laugh through it instead of freaking out. :)
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    CONGRATS!! SO jealous of you MRS!!! Love your pic! I am glad that besides a few minor things everything seemed great :) Enjoy being a wifey!
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    Thanks for describing everything for us!! Agree that its great you can laugh about it and not get mad, sounds like a great time.  And glad you were feeling better for the wedding!
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    I love it...rain and grasshoppers as good luck!  :)  Besides the whole wrong names at the ceremony it sounds all perfect!  I'll have to get your e-mail so we can chat about some insider tips at the resort MRS! 

    And, I so think that the no sash and flower in your hair were the perfect choices!  You looked STUNNING!
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    I am so happy everything was overall fabulous for you! You looked absolutely beautiful!! It's so great that you and your DH can laugh about hiccups like that :)

    Yay for being back and of course being a MRS.!!!
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    Congrats lady!! It sounds like you had an amazing trip and wedding, I LOVE your siggy pic! You look gorgeous in all the pics on FB. Can't wait for the would/wouldn't do! Congrats again MRS!
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    congrats MRS! You were the most beautiful bride!
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