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MAC makeup trial

So, I have an appointment at MAC this Saturday for a makeup lesson/trial dealio.

Has anyone done this? Did you have to pay for/buy full sizes of any of the makeup they used on you?

I really dont know what Im doing when it comes to makeup, I rarely wear it. I'm worried this could get expensive and then I wont ever use the makeup I buy....

Re: MAC makeup trial

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    I haven't gone for a make-up session at MAC for a while now, but I remember the last time I did it was a $50 minimum purchase for the trial/lesson.
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    I am pretty sure that Normailed did this - let us know how it goes!  I know that Normailed's makeup looked amazing!  Right now, I am planning on doing this too (rumors of a fairly bad make up person at the resort), but I don't normally wear make up, so I am a bit scared!
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    I'm pretty certain there is a minimum purchase- you should just call and double check.  MAC is an awesome brand of makeup, I really love their foundation; just remember that some stuff you might be able to buy from cheaper makeup lines (i.e. Covergirl, etc) that will work just as well.  Like if they use a highlighting eyeshadow.  I bought a highlighter there before (like $25) but I love my wet and wild one (under $5) just as much.
     My suggestion would be to make a list of all the items they used, and then purchase the minimum amount only that day.  Go home, think about it, and then go back and buy what you really want/need/can't get elsewhere.  Also remember to take pics of your makeup!!!  I'm sure you'll have a blast, their makeup artists are always fabulous!!!
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    thanks ladies for all the info! They said on the phone that the "session" is $55 and comes with a free I'm not sure. But I like your suggestions! I will see what they use and maybe try to use what I have or find cheaper versions.
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    Melissa, I've had a few makeovers from mac both at guildford, and richmind and pacific centre.  I paid fifty dollars (in product)  I looove their eyeshadow and find it blends much better than other brands.  I also like their liners.  I find their gloss too sticky and never wear it after I buy.

    Good luck! I always love their work!
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    I did a MAC makeup trial before my wedding and thought it was a great learning experience!
    I'm not sure what the minimum purchase was, but I definitely did NOT have to pay for them to show me what to do....
    I'm pretty sure the minimum is $50, but I spent WAY MORE than that. I agree with Danielle. Buy the things you think are the most necessary-like foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick. I bought all the brushes there and am kicking myself for it now. I could have found the same quality brushes somewhere else for cheaper. I bought mascara, eyeliner, fake eyelashes, & blush at Target for cheaper and it worked fine. If you purchase fake lashes, buy the human hair ones from Ardell-sold at Target. they are like $5 & work awesome! Oh! and I bought the lid primer Alison (AlaskanAlison) recommends in her bio and LOVE it!! Don't go with the MAC lid primer...I feel like it's too greasy and it totally doesn't work as good as the Urban decay stuff!

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: MAC makeup trial</a>:
    [QUOTE] Oh! and I bought the lid primer Alison (AlaskanAlison) recommends in her bio and LOVE it!! Don't go with the MAC lid primer...I feel like it's too greasy and it totally doesn't work as good as the Urban decay stuff!
    Posted by alisonpilgrim610[/QUOTE]

    Ditto on this! I hate the MAC lid primer. Honestlly I only really like MAC eyeshadows, blushes, and bronzers. I always feel like their foundation makes me look cakey or like a clown. I like a lighter coverage than MAC has been able to offer me (at least in the past).

    I haven't tried the Urban Decay lid primer, but I think I will now!
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    typically here it is a three item minimum not a $ amount but that's a the MAC counter @ Macys I am not sure if it is different at a MAC store or not. but you should check with the location.
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