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Wedding in the Bahama Islands

Hi everyone,

I wanted to know if anyone out there has planned a wedding or is planning a wedding on the  Bahama Islands?

I am looking specifically if anyone has used Our Lucaya Radisson hotel in Grand Bahama?

Or Sheraton/Wyndham on Cable Beach Nassau?

Our Lucaya is not getting back us very quickly and I noticed there is a Wedding Planner company called  And Two Become One.....has anyone heard of or used them before? 

I am so lost with all of this so any help would be greatly apprieciated!!!!!

Thanks so much!

Stressed out Bride in Texas! 

Re: Wedding in the Bahama Islands

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    I'm thinking of the same resorts--haven't gotten any info yet either.  When are you planning the wedding for?  We're thinking December 2010.

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    Hi Joanne,

    We are actually thinking April 2011!!!!! So excited.  I wanted to have my hotel lock in by this april to give people a year to save for the trip.  

    I do like the Sheraton and they took about 11 days to get back to me once I emailed them but they were able to send me a ton of information.

    The problem is I really love the location of Our Lucaya Radisson.  Love the fact the marketplace is accross the street so we have options for dining and entertainment. And it so close to everything my guest wouldnt need to rent a car!!! Big BONUS!

    However its been TWO WEEKS and I havent hear from them via EMAIL! Next week once my move is over I am going to call the hotel directly and see if that gets me anywhere....or find a wedding planner that can go to the hotel and bug them.  I know the islands run on ISLAND TIME but 2 weeks to respond is a bit much. :0)

    Let me know if you have any luck contacting them!!! :0)

    Anyway...just alittle stressed about all this planning and I thought destination weddings would be simplier to plan! HA

    Where do you guys live? Where are most of your guests come from? Are you going to have a big destination wedding or keep things small and simple!

    have a great day!Laughing

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