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Confession Thursday!!!

Time to Spill the weekly beans!
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Re: Confession Thursday!!!

  • I confess I am hoping no one else says they are coming to my wedding... lol 25 per person is expensive!
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  • In grand jury duty. Supposed to start at 9:30 but we are waiting for a judge...could be until 11:30. Why wouldn't they call us and tell us to come late. I also can't get my damn 3G working in here and my Internet on my phone connected to the courthouse and it would give me access to fbook. Wtf. I'm bored!
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  • Lol Brit, your funny! How much pp is it in your home area? My sister just paid $45 pp for her wedding at a place around where we live. It is expensive!
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  • 45 dollas!!! that is too much !!!!
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  • i confess as excited as i am about our plans to visit california/vegas i'm dreading that it means deployment is just a around the corner.

    Brit- thats the exact reason i keep putting off finalizing that gues list lucky i do have some play time 

    Jenn- i hat etht when u lose all forms of entertainment hope you get better internet access soon 
  • Eeeww court.  I would def trade places with you today though Jenn.  I am having such an awful day at work and I have to have dental work done.

    That is my confession too.  I am hating my job right now and I can barely stand the sight of some people in my office.  I am really happy that I am leaving at 2, but that means I have to go to the dentist.  When I went last week to get teeth filled, I couldn't stop shaking and almost started hyperventilating.  One part of me knew that it was nerves and the other part kept saying that I was having an allergic reation to the novicaine.  Now I have to do it all over again because they couldn't do both sides at one time.

    My last confession is that I really think that $45pp is inexpensive.  For my first wedding I paid $90pp.  I think the average around my parts is between $90 and $120.  Plus some places put a service charge on top of that PLUS taxes.
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  • I confess that I am dying to get out of work and go to the post office to mail my invitations - so excited!!!

    I agree Cathy, it is hard to find a nice place around me for under $100pp, but realistically the average is probably more like $120-125pp. 
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  • I wish I could have got prices here for $45pp.....It was easily double that for me. I am paying about that amount with the cheapest menu option at our resort!

    My confession is that I am/was sick of people!!! It has been one thing after another all day! 

    In other news....I think I found my BM bouquets for $5.25 online and that is making me happy (though it is not showing through my frustrations from earlier). 
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