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Problems with guests

Has anyone had any?

Our really good mutual friend informed us tuesday night that one of FI's other friends has decided to come to Jamaica for our wedding. I am not very fond of this friend at all. He used to be (maybe still is) big into drugs, he even told our mutual friend that he plans on getting high the whole time and might not even make it to the actual wedding. He has no respect for anyone, especially woman. He always tells FI to just "leave me at home" whenever they go out(which is not very often, thank god). And he gets very crazy when he drinks. I hate the fact that he is coming but I know theres nothing I can do about it. I told FI how I felt and he said he's sure he'll behave himself better there, but I seriously doubt it.

Re: Problems with guests

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    Ah well there always has to be "that guy" or "that girl" at a party.  Just know that he is NOT a representation of you-people will just realize he is a butthole and let it be.  Maybe you can talk to his friends and hint that they kinda "babysit" him and try to keep things in check?

    ORRR, maybe he will be SUCH a jerk that he will get himself arrested before the wedding and not even BE there!!  Think positive!!  :)
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    Haha..  I am betting the inside of a Jamacian jail is probably not "paradise".  Maybe he won't end up coming... 

    He sounds like a loser that probably will not end up being able to afford it or remember to book it.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for you...
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    Thank you Christy!
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