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to use a TA or not to use a TA...

I'm still a year and 3 months out, but I've been in contact with a few TA's so far and both seem to offer different things! 1 said that they can give a group rate with 25 people and the other said they can give a group rate with 10 people!

What did you do for your guests? Did you let them go out on their own or did you get a TA to go through? Did you shop for a TA? I'm trying to get a semi early start :) 

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!!!!

Re: to use a TA or not to use a TA...

  • dew3162dew3162
    I used one but only because it's my Mother....LOL!!  If she wasn't a TA I probably would not have used one.
  • We have a TA and he is awesome!!  FML found him for us and he is great. he is actually the second one we talked to, the first lady would take a month to respond to emails and not call back.  So I think we lucked out with our current TA. 
    there are ladies who have had quite to opposite experience with TA's. 
    I'm glad we have one though.  we dont have to worry about all of the travel part of the wedding He is dealing with that.  We aslo do not have to act as TA's for our guests. 
    Baby #1 Due May 31st, 2013
  • USE A TA!!!!! That is one of my biggest pieces of advice.  Even if everyone in your party does not use them, I recommend that you do.  They are able to answer so, so many questions, and they often have more pull/influence on resorts, airlines, etc.

    For what it's worth, I am using Jaimi at Beach Bum Vacations, and (clearly) she is awesome. 
  • use a TA.  My guests had huge delayes due to weather going to my wedding. They were getting rerouted all over mexico.  My TA stepped in a fixed it all.  The swine Flu outbreak happened 2 weeks prior to my cancun wedding.  When there was talk of closing the border my TA stepped in and got us a back up plan in the DR if we decided to use it.  So what I'm saying you don't plan on bad things happening but it's nice to have a TA to call to fix things for you rather than trying to do it all yourself.

    My TA also helped me pick a location as well as booked my guests for me.  She also was able to get me a great deal at the resort along with some extras.
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