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Hey Sam, I saw your post about Marcia Roberts and totally freaked out. Have you looked into Misha Earle? I looked at her site and her work seems nice. Just wondering how the hunt was going?
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  • Hey!  Sorry to drag you into my freak out!  Right now I am contacting photographers that past DW Knotties have used and suggested to see about availability and pricing.

    Kayla gave me the contact info for Stephanie Reeder who was supposed to do her wedding but didn't because of her pregnancy and she is available and is willing to do it for the cost of flight and hotel for 3 nights, plus $500 for the cost of a cd with all the edited images. This would all include a $250 print credit so amazing!

    Then Kayla also gave me Tonhya Wysong's information since she was the one who actually did her wedding and was amazing! She was so funny and was so excited, but she has a wedding on the 16th so she can't do it. She even asked if I could change my wedding date because she wanted to do it so bad LOL! Well she recommended a guy named Jeramie Shoda and said that she spoke with him about my wedding specifically and he is available and really excited about the possibility. I went on his website and his normal packages are WAY out of my budget so I don't know if he will work with our price range or not but I emailed him so we shall she!

    Then another past knottie gave me the information for Stephanie A Smith who is based out of Florida.  She is available too and I am waiting to hear back from her for pricing.  Right now she is my favorite just from her emails and her work on her website.  If we can get her for what we were going to pay Marcia I think I will cancel Marcia just for my own piece of mind...

    I have 3 amazing photographers to choose from and I am SO excited! Just looking at their websites I feel like the photos are better quality then Marcia. I think FI is seeing it too so he maybe open to the switch.  I think I might have to talk with all three to see which one I click with best!

    I will keep you posted on who I decide!  I just hated seeing the negative reviews and it totally freaked me out.  I really loved Marcia's work too and thought she offered a lot for the money.  With the reviews though it just put a bad feeling in my stomach and the photos are SOOOO important I don't want to risk not liking them.

    O and Misha Earle looked AMAZING and I have heard nothing but good things about her! She was just out of my price range!

    Let me know if you have other questions!

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  • No worries on the freak out, I'm glad I.know now I.was just about to send a.deposit. and Wow, Yeh I just received the pricing from misha Earle. Out of my price range too! Lol. Can you let me know.when you hear back from the lady from Florida? Thank you!!!
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