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First WR nightmare

I had my first WR nightmare last night. I'm so freaking tired this morning because I think I wasn't sleeping well.

In my dream one of my bridemaids shows up and she had her dress shortened - really short, and then (for some reason) ends up walking down the aisle with it tucked into her underwear.

In my dream I am using some hair dresser that I know in my dream, but I don't actually know IRL, and she doesn't show up to do hair & makeup, AND i can't remember her name so I can call her, and my phone won't cooperate at all so I can try to find her in it.

Then the photographers don't show up... at all... ever. It takes me a while to figure out they aren't there. I end up getting married in this horrible dark little hall,with no hair & makeup, and no photographers.

I start freaking out and decide that the photographers have to come even if it's super late, and that the hair & makeup girl has to come now, and we will "re-do" our wedding.

Then I woke up in a panic thinking "I need to call the photographers and  make sure they're still coming." Oi.

Re: First WR nightmare

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