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having second thoughts on my DW resort...

So this whole weekend I've been thinking about the wedding, and how many guests are going to be coming! I've only seen wedding pics of 1 bride at the resort I've picked *Iberostar Grand Rose Hall* .. of course hers was totally beautiful, but I emailed her and her budget was WAYYY out of my league.. 

the main things I love about the resort I chose...
1) There is only 1 wedding a day... so it really would be MY day in Jamaica lol I wouldn't have to share the glory with any other bride that day!
2) It's adults only!
3) It's all inclusive...I can have a semi-private reception at any restaurant.. to have a total private reception it would be a lot more.. so I'm okay with semi-private :)

The things I'm not too keen on
1) I haven't seen many pictures of the weddings.. the ones i did were spectacular..  but then again she did spend a lot of money lol
2) the price for to stay at the resort is a little more than most.. I'm not wanting to break my guests bank :) however.. there are 2 other resorts they can stay at for cheaper that is still connected to the Iberostar

Am I the only one that is second guessing my DW resort choise?? :)

Re: having second thoughts on my DW resort...

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    Sorry you're feeling this way.
    I'm having doubts but I don't know if it's because of the resort or TA. She's been "trying" to see if my date is available for 3 weeks now, maybe longer and I haven't heard nothing. If I don't get to book my wedding date by this week I'm taking matter into my on hands and I'll be calling the resort myself. If I get faster responses than she did I'm changing TA but is not her then I'm going back to Melia. 

    Are you working with a TA or just calling the resort yourself? 

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    Both lol I love doing the research myself.. so I knew what was important and what I wanted.. when I found that Iberostar only did the 1 wedding a day, I immediately started doing more research on them.. finally FI and I said it was the "one" for us! So I emailed them and got a response within a day! However it took a week for them to get back with me that my date was available! *it's busy wedding season I assume? lol* anyways... I've been working with a few TA's just to see if they can get me better rates and what not :)
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    You are not alone, I was so happy when I chose my resort, then I started stalking on tripadvisor, with in a month I started to see bad reviews and freaked out that I had condemned my guests to a horrible stay during my wedding, (it was my first post on the DW board, ahhh memories).  I have felt lately that I've 'settled' into the resort, I'm happy with it, but just happy, the other side is, the closer I get, the more excited I get, I start picturing the wedding at the resort, I imagine haning out with my sisters at the bar, and it's like I'm falling in love with the resort all over again.

    the point of my ramblings is that as long as when you imagine what your wedding will look like in that space you get excited, then the excitement and feeling of picking 'the one' should come back as you get closer.  I hope that helped...

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    The decision process was the hardest part for me. I think I changed my mind 3-4 times before I finally settled on our location. I do completely agree with Beth though. I still have family member who won't go to out wedding simply because it is Jamaica. Do whatever makes you and your fl happy because in the end that is al that matters. People will or will not come for a myriad of their own reasons.

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    I have second guessed my choice a million times!  And I still keep doing it with only 8 days left till we leave, lol.  Trip Advisor can be helpful and horrible at the same time.  In the end, I'm sure you will be happy with your choice, it is only natural to feel this way leading up to it I think.
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