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Hey Ladies! Happy Friday! This is my last official accountability post, but thanks the girls for offering to keep it going!

B - ww english muffin with natural pb and banana
L - yogurt, berries and granola (we are cleaning out the fridge and this is one of the only things left)
S - ?
D - tbd.

WO - Run 0.5 miles, 10 push-ups, 20 squats, 30 sit-ups.  Repeat 6 times (I love this workout!)

Have a great Friday and weekend!  I will try to check in to help keep myself accountable for the first half of week!
Until we say 'I DO'! Wedding Countdown Ticker

Re: accountability

  • Oo- Trudy, I might steal your WO. I like that!!

    B - coffee
    L- not sure, the menu at work looks horrible. I'll probably do a salad and half sandwich
    S - banana
    D - fish
  • It's a great workout!  I just found it on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and have done it a couple times!  It breaks up the running and makes it not as boring if you are on a treadmill!
    Until we say 'I DO'! Wedding Countdown Ticker
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