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Four Weddings

So, I'm moving on from my empty/broken sig...

Anyone watching (or has watched before) Four Weddings?  I had not seen this show before, and there is a mini-marathon on right now.  Not sure how I feel about it.  The show basically turns the weddings of four brides into a competition.  The brides judge each other's weddings, and they are kind of mean and really picky. 


Re: Four Weddings

  • *Flips to TLC*

    I like the show. I gravitate towards anything that will give me ideas for my wedding right now haha. :) I don't think I would enjoy having a competition during my wedding though. But more power to them. :)
  • I think the one who spent $75k is going to win...I mean, you better be able to 'win' if you spent that much money.  That is crazy!!!
  • I watch the show just b/c its WR, but FI is absolutely apalled by it.  He thinks its terrible that brides rate other weddings and criticize them.  I like it b/c they usually choose original wedding venues on varying budgets so you get some good ideas.

    In all the episodes that I have seen, the larger budget wins...maybe not the highest budget but one of the two biggest budgets.  The low budget weddings never win.

  • Yup--the big budget (the highest at $75k) just won.  Let's see about this next episode...
  • yeah its usually the highest budget wedding that wins.  I watch it mainly for ideas lol I will watch anything wedding related these days.  but I would not want other people to pruposely pick apart everything I spent a year + to put together. 
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  • April--agreed!  Also, I just read your bio for the first time, and your 'how we met' story is adorable!  That must have been the most amazing message to receive.
  • *Tuning into TLC*

    I like the show! Mainly bc it's WR & I like to see everyones wedding ideas!
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  • I am liking this episode more than the last because like someone said above, there are more unique ideas/weddings on.  I kind of liked the 40's themed one (except for the fact that no one was dancing).  The way the guests 'dressed up' was fun though! 
  • In Response to Re: Four Weddings:
    [QUOTE]April--agreed!  Also, I just read your bio for the first time, and your 'how we met' story is adorable!  That must have been the most amazing message to receive.
    Posted by ms.n.0906[/QUOTE]

    haha at first I thought it was crrepy.  then I looked at his profile and was hmm hes cute lol   so I msged him back.  but now I wish I would have saved that first msg.
    Baby #1 Due May 31st, 2013
  • That's so funny.  I could see how that might be a little weird...but sweet at the same time! 
  • I like watching the show for ideas.  But I agree with what's been said already...it does seem that the larger budgets always win.  However, it's still a fun show to watch and get ideas from.  I watched "Girl meets gown" on-Demand last night...I liked that too!!! 
    My FI laughs becuase when we were buying our house I was watching HGTV (still love to watch House Hunters though) and now that were engaged I'm all into the wedding shows.  At least it keeps him on his toes!!! 
  • I started watching it because it was on after say yes to the dress, and FI watched some episodes with me and didn't like it because there was always one bride who was just mean and snarky.  But I agree, the larger budgets seem to always win, although there was one destination wedding that did pretty well.
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  • For those of you actually watching with me--Anyone else getting super hungry?  I am now starving because some of their food looks amazing.
  • Oh for sure...some of that food looks amazing!!!  And oh so yummy!!!
  • The sad thing is they are jockeying for a couple thousand dollar vacation but they spent Tens of thousands on the wedding. Guess they have nothing left after the wedding bills are paid.

    It is entertainging though Laughing
  • I agree with most PP's. I love watching it for the ideas, and the entertainment value. But some of those women are SO catty! I remember watching one where one of the "judging brides" kept complaining that the bride had her name/logo/picture on too many things. Well YA, it is HER wedding afterall. Sheesh.
  • i love watching this show for the ideas...there was one episode that the lady spent tenthousand on her wedding and it was in her church hall and surprisingly they won....she had all of her girls wear white because she said they were her angels, and she made a parade from her bulding to the church...i was surprised i loved everything she did and most of it was DIY.
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