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** Vent **

So we found out today that my FI's sister (who is a BM) has gone ahead and booked herself at another hotel. We told her months ago that she would be in the same room as my sister to make the numbers even (there is only 2 to a room at the resort - but it would be double beds). We she is SO DIFFICULT and at first wanted to stay with her parents (no 3 to a room we told her) and now she went ahead and booked where their Aunt and cousins are staying (I believe its 20-30 min away).

Well now we are short a person and need to find someone that would stay in the room with my sister. We are hoping that maybe she has a friend that would like to come or our photographers would like to pay for his wife or for a friend. I have not told my father yet as he will flip because if we can't find someone that means he is liable for the total room price when it was supposed to be split

AHHHHHHHHHHH. Ok now I got that out

PS - my FI already had a screaming match with his sister which resulted in an F.U and him hanging up on her and throwing the phone down the hall.
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