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So Annoyed (Vent, Kinda long and all over the place)

So I just found out that FBIL's girlfriend went back and told FMIL things the FI and I though we said in confidence!!!  Both FI and I were talking to FBIL's girlfriend about FMIL's travel plans.  FMIL has seemed very unorganized about everything and at this point has no plane ticket home.  I mean we didn't say anything horrible just that it is getting a little ridiculous that she hasn't completed her reservations and things like that.  Don't forget that we are like 23 days from the wedding, don't ya think you're cutting it a little close? 

Oh and the girlfriend forgot to mention all of the things that she said about FMIL.  FI told his mom that he was going to have a talk with his brother and FMIL said not to because she didn't want to ruin our wedding or anything.  If anyone ruins our wedding, they will have hell to pay.

And the girlfriend keeps mentioning about a place to get ready since they aren't checking into the hotel until the day of the wedding.  I have been told that there is a bridal room that comes with our venue and they can use that with FI.  I told FI that it's my wedding day and I don't want to get ready with anyone - just me the hair dresser and the photog.  That's it.  Thankfully he supports me and has no problem with that.  I am hoping that they can get early check in or something.

Okay I think that I am done...if you finished this and understood it, you deserve the drink of your choice and a slice of cheesecake.
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Re: So Annoyed (Vent, Kinda long and all over the place)

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    UM a glass of wine and dark chocolate raspberry. Mm That is very crappy and immature of FBIL g/f. Especially if she had opinions as well. Not really a bad thing to be being discussed this close to the wedding, esp if FMIL would like to go home. I see it more as you are looking out for her wellbeung as well as making your trip/planning stress free. Sounds like FMIL is on your side, or am I reading this wrong? I am glad your FI will stick up for what you want on YOUR day!! Sounds like you need your drink of choice and cheesecake as well!
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    I second the need for a glass of wine :)

    Sucks that she is being so immature - glad your FI is sticking with you on having the bridal room to yourself - you are the bride after all! That is so weird that the gf thinks she can just come there and get ready with you??
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    Thanks guys.

    I don't think that FMIL is on anyone's side.  The GF made it sounds like I am mad at FMIL.  Which I am not.  I will be really annoyed if she doesn't come to the wedding at all.  FI is already prepared for her to have some excuse on why she can't go.  The thing that will bother me most if she doesn't come is that she went to my XH and FI's XW's wedding in June after lying to us and saying that she wasn't going.

    As for the GF, I think that she just wants to start trouble for some reason.  I really don't know why.  Jealousy maybe.  I think that she has been pushing for a ring lately and is taking it out on everyone else.

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    Vodka/cran here lol make it a double :P

    That's crazy. I had someone pull a similar stunt with me, talking trash about someone, then turning around and leaving out everything they said just sharing my side of the conversation. Its rediculous and incredibly immature.
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    Wow! People impress me more and more everyday!

    Don't let it get to you!!
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    Wow, what is she trying to accomplish by running to your FMIL?

    I'm having two pieces of cheesecake for you ;-)
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