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Hey ladies! 

I've been trying to set up the website with my travel info that i got from the travel agent.  Its an 11 page PDF file, and i've tried just about everything to find a way to get the files on the site.  I've converted them to jpgs, uploaded both the jpgs and the pdf file to online websites, but i can't get anything to show up the right way.  I was able to upload the jpgs to the photo album section of the website, but it shows up to small and you can read the information.  

What did you guys do with the travel information so your guests could see it?

Re: Wedding Website Help

  • I summarized info my travel agent accordingly and put it on the website. 

    Even if you can upload the files to your site, I highly doubt your guests will read 11 pages worth of info. 

    You may want to consider condensing it and maybe using bullet points to break down the important sections. 
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  • I emailed the brochure to all of my invited guests and set up my website on weebly...feel free to have a look for ideas! :-)

    it's very basic...i keep adding information as i finalize things and i have a private fb event where i announce certain important changes and remind people to visit the website for information :-)
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