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Little by little things are coming together!  Groomsmen's pants finalized, best man will order his and the other man's pants tomorrow (there are only 2 and they all consider each other brother's)  and I just placed the order for my brother's pants!  I hope they get here soon so we can make sure they fit/get them tailored if necessary PLUS I would love to take them shopping to match the shirts to them! lol!!

Also, I ordered my brother's gift! (He's walking me down the aisle)  A pocket watch! (He's wanted one for several years and I've been trying to find one for his bday or Christmas, never found the right one until now...and I guess it was meant to be!

Here is the watch!

I hope it arrives on time, the site says they are on vacation and won't process orders until Feb 4th...VIBES please!!!
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