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Where to start!?! Wedding in Mexico

Ok. So I'm beginning to get a little frazzled. Maybe I just haven't found the right TA. (I'm on Vancouver Island) But I've talked to a few, and they all seem in consensus that I don't book anything until June, at the earliest! (our wedding will be the end of Nov).

We are hoping to get married along the west coast of Mexico. I don't know how to narrow it down! I find all the information sooo overwhelming. how did you all do it?

Any good resources about what to do and when to do it? I can't order the one from (doesn't ship to Canada). I'm going to check for it at a bookstore this week, just in case.

I want to send out STDs, so people can start saving if they want to come... But I don't really have any info to put on them... lol... When do I do this?

Sorry... I have so many questions...!!

Thanks in advance!

Re: Where to start!?! Wedding in Mexico

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    I would find a different TA. You're 10 months should definitely be able to book something. And you should definitely get a move on if you want to send out STD's. I've heard good things about TA's would be more accustomed to working with Mexico weddings and would be able to help you narrow it down.
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    Definitely check out  That is what we used to plan our Oct. 2010 wedding, and they were really great.  They helped us choose our location, and we even ordered our save the dates through them and they were beautiful. Highly reccomend them!

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    Congrats!  Erik and I were married in Cancun on 8/8/08 - at Moon Palace.  (We stayed at Cancun Palace to be on the strip and give our guests more local things to do).  We had a fabulous time.  Our coordinator worked with us well over a year in advance.  We used Melissa John from

    If you're looking at Moon Palace, feel free to ask any questions.... :)
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    Try mine - she's in vancouver, but I imagine that could be totally doable, they can do everything over the phone.  They only do destination weddings and honeymoons.
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    Thanks for all the great info! I am also planning a DW but I am afraid to pick a date until I speak to a GOOD TA. I found one at the GA wedding show this past weekend but I also wanted to do a bit more research. I haven't narrowed down a location just yet. But I'm leaning towards Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, or Mexico... I'm aiming for an August/September date... I know I'm pushing it if I dont have a location choosen yet. I hope to have that solid this week!

    Hawk and Angie - Fall 2010
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    I am in the same boat as you, so any information you can share with me would be great! My fiance and I want a destination wedding on the west coast of MX.  

    First things first, find a city to get married in.  

    I would suggest scouring the web for cities that appeal to you.  A few things to think about. How many flight connections do you want your guests to endure?  Travel time?  Do you like big resorts or boutique hotels?  What is your budget for your guests?  

    Thus far the ones that have caught my eye are San Jose del Cabo, Sauylita, Puerto Vallarta, Acupulco, and of course the beautiful gold coast where Heidi Klum and Seal got married Costalegre.  Contact a wedding planner in each area you like and get some ideas from them.  I can suggest one in Baja if you are interested, I haven't committed to working with her just yet but she seems to be the most knowledgeable of all the ones I've talked to.  The next step, which I am in the midst of doing right now, is narrow down your choice destinations and plan a trip out there to visit the places of interest.

    Establish your budget and your guest count.  How many people do you think you will have?  That often helps to determine a destination.  They say to expect 50% of your guestlist to attend for a destination wedding, but if you have friends that love to travel you may have more people come.  I'm finding certain destinations in Mexico are more pricey than others.  Cabo can be quite pricey, although there are deals to be found.  You can get good deals in Puerto Vallarta as well as the smaller towns just north.

    As for STD's.  From everything I've read thus far you should send it 4-6 months before your wedding date if you are planning a destination wedding.  It's also ok to include on your website the general overview of activities you have or will plan for the days you are there.  Welcome dinner, group activity, etc. update as necessary.

    Hope this helps, if I think of other things that might be helpful in my planning I'll let you know!
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