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Favorite TV show... that is not on the air anymore...

So what is everyone's favorite tv show that is no longer on the air??

Mine is Gilmore Girls...  I have the series on DVD and religiously watch the re-runs on the family channel.  I miss my Girls.  The dialog was fast, smart and funny...  I pick up something new everytime I re-watch an episode.

Re: Favorite TV show... that is not on the air anymore...

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    Most recently, Pushing Daisies.  It was the victim of the writer's strike, but it was just a nice feel good show.  So sad when it was cancelled.

    There are probably a million other shows I miss - I am enjoying old Roseanne and Golden Girls on random Nick at Nite channels right now.

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    American Dreams
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    Friends - I still watch all the reruns and giggle all the time - it never gets old for me, or Felicity - also a good girlie watch.
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    oh, and to be a total loser - Dawson's Creek. I will always have a thing for Pacey Witter.
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    Mine is Sex and the City. I never missed an episode. I have all the seasons on DVD and still watch them. I could never get enough of those girls and their stories :)
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    West Wing! I miss it so much! I also really liked ER.
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    Didn't EVERYONE have a thing for Pacey?  I met him when I lived in Vancouver (he's from there)... Oh my... I was so not-cool.
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    I loved SATC, Charmed, and ER. I Also used to watch Prison Break with my brother lol.

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    I loved a lot them you girls mentioned.

    Most recently - Lipstick Jungle.  It was a replacement to my SATC obsession. 
    Of all time - Probably Friends
    Childhood - Saved by the Bell
    Teenage Years - Dawson's Creek (My friends made fun of me soooo bad for watching that show but I was grounded for most of the 1st season so I had nothing better to do)
    Drama - ER
    Sci-Fi? - The X-Files (love me some David Duchovny <3)

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    I actually never really watched Gilmore Girls, or Dawson's Creek, or SATC... lol I think I'm a weird girl.

    I love old TGIF shows like Sabrina and Saved by the Bell :)

    I think the show I miss the most is Freaks and Geeks. It only had 18 episodes, but it had an amazing cast (Jason Segal (HIMYM!!) James Franco, Seth Rogan, John Francis Daley (Bones!!) and amazing writers/directors (Judd Apatow!). LOL.. clearly I am a little obsessed.
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    Friends, The OC, Dawsons Creek .. I could go on & on! Haha.
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    I really liked Lipstick Jungle, I was surprised that it wasn't picked up for another season.  I also liked this show Six Degrees, that too only had a one season shot. Last but not least, my all time favorite...I LOVED Ally McBeal, I wish that had stayed on longer.

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    I miss That '70s Show.  And in the past 2 seasons the networks keep changing up my rerun schedule! 

    A more recent one that I miss, that maybe made it a season or 2 is The Class.  That one cracked me up.
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    Seinfeld & West Wing


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