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Day of Schedule???

I keep seeing in my Knot Checklist, that I should create a day of schedule. I know other girls on other boards recommend it, but I want to hear from other DW brides? Did you guys do this? I just don't really see how I can, at least until I get there. I mean, I have the hair appointment scheduled with the resort, and I know what time the ceremony is (obviously) but really, what else is there to schedule for the day of? As far as I know, the resort handles all of the setup, and vendors and what not. 
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Re: Day of Schedule???

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    I am not in my welcome letter I am putting the time and place of ceremony and dinner. I don't expect anyone to take anymore out of their day than that. I am including a spot to write in my room number so people know where to come if they want to join in getting ready.
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    When we met with our venue on our visit the coordinator just whipped up a schedule for us - like this:

    Sara arrives at 2pm /Jack arrives at 2:15pm
    Guests arrive at 2:30pm and have cocktails on patio until ceremony
    ceremony starting 3-3:15
    ceremony end 3:30 - 3:45
    cocktail hour until 4:45 - 5pm
    5 pm dinner
    6pm first dance
    6:30pm cut cake
    9pm last shuttle picks up to take guests back

    We just hammered it out (loosely) with him so he knew what things we wanted (cake cutting, first dance) and which things we were skipping (lots of toasts, garter/bouquet throw) so he knew how much he needs to be a time manager on the day of.
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    Ok, cool. I knew I was overthinking it. I'm assuming the venue will list out stuff like that with us when we get there. 
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    I didn't have a day of schedule, Sandals took care of everything.  I just had to tell my guests the time they were expected to arrive and tell the bridal party the time they needed to be ready by to take the photos before the ceremony.
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    That makes me so much more relaxed, thanks Nicole! 
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