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FMIL wants to destroy destination wedding because of her finances....

My FI and I recently got engaged in FL, a few weeks ago and decided on a destination wedding in FL (we live in Chicago). Which isn't as expensive to travel to as it would be to travel out of the US. So we didn't think it would be a huge deal to family and friends who really care about us and it's our wedding.

Well, that is not the case.. My FI and I went to his mother's house yesterday and after the hellos and looking at the ring, she descides to say that she doesn't want us having the wedding in FL because she can't afford it and she's strapped for cash. She made it a pity party saying oh this house is a wreck, the electrical sucks and it needs a lot of work, I can barely afford to pay the mortage, pay for groceries, yatta yatta ya.. I don't know how we're going to afford anything for the wedding.. boo hoo.. Now mind you she is a dominant woman and everything that comes out of her mouth is all negative. Oh and on a sidenote she made fun of my wedding colors which are pink and orange (My FI and everyone else love the colors)..

FIrst off, My FI and I are paying for the whole wedding, so she has nothing to pay for except travel. Secondly, she has 13 months notice to save for the wedding, that is ample time to save at least 600 for two plane tickets (for her and her boyfriend) and a hotel room for 1 or 2 nights. She smokes and drinks all the time, as well as her boyfriend, so maybe its time to cut back or quit smoking and cut back on the liqour. Oh and later in the night she commented on going to the movies and spending money on other luxuries.. I have an idea!! cut back on the luxuries and save that money for your oldest son's wedding.. and her BF said he was going to golf at least 6 times this summer... ummm yea $30 dollars each time he golfs is $180 that is about 1 plane ticket right there.. Don't tell me you can't afford to travel, you are just choosing other things over your son's wedding!!

Throughout the night she asked questions like how much the hotel will be a night and my FI responded about $120-$130 a night.. Now let me tell you a little about the hotel we're getting married at.. It is on the beach in miami and it is a nicer a hotel, our wedding will be during spring break time (march) (which we thought would be easier for our families with kids).. NOW, for that price, that is decent/cheap price for the time and location of the hotel.. other hotels on the beach are 280 a night which we didn't want for our familes to pay for... So as we told her the price she roles her eyes and huffs and puffs.. REALLY?!?! Act like a grown woman and don't throw a tantrum like a child..

After all this me and my FI talked about it on the way home and I am happy to say he agrees with me on "the terms" that we are going to say to her about this whole ordeal.. I know this is a good catch because he supports me and agrees that his mom is being unreasonable..

This woman is ridiculous and even though i vented nicely to my FI, I need to vent to someone else.. thank you to whoever reads and responds to this!! Laughing

Anyone have any advice or been in a similiar situation???
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