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Melia Caribe Tropical in PC - HM?

Hey ladies,

I know some of y'all are getting married here but I don't remember who. My mom offered us a week of their timeshare exchange for our honeymoon and this is one of the options. Any comments about people who have been or are going and if it's a good honeymoon resort? We are not set on DR, but rather just an AI somewhere in the Caribbean, but I speak Spanish and have always wanted to go to DR so I thought this would be a good option.

I realllllly wanted to go to the Excellence PC that Jamie went to but it's not on the timeshare list.

Re: Melia Caribe Tropical in PC - HM?

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    I wanted to have my wedding there but I was advice not to due to the property being in the process of selling. I still don't know what's going on but I would recommend them. I've heard so many good reviews and the place is beatiful.

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    I went to the Melia Caribe in Sept 07 and LOVED it!! The resort is beautiful but big. If you don't want to walk around there are 2 little "trains" that pick you up and drop you off in various locations (buffets, beach, lobby, etc) My fiance and I chose to walk most of the time (unless i was wearing heels! lol) because the grounds are asbsolutely beautiful to walk around. The staff is great. One day we were walking to dinner and an employee on a golf cart noticed that I was in a dress and heels and offered us a ride. My fiance tipped him $2 and from that day on every day at 6:00pm that same employee was waiting outside our room to take us to dinner. So sweet. The pools and the beach are gorgeous. The food was great! I really can't say enough good things. We loved the resort so much that we are planning to get married there in May 2011 ;) If you want to see pictures PM me and I'll give you my email address so you can add me to FB and check out my pics!
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    Look at the hotel next door, the paradisus palma real, its the same company that owns both but the paradisus is a 5 star and gorgeous
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    thanks for the comments, ladies.

    Pam - I really hope you can get to the bottom of this mystery! It seems like other people are still booking their weddings there so if it's really what you have your heart set on, I hope you can investigate and find out if it's really an option or not.

    Spaz - (hehe, I used to call my sister a spaz as an insult when we were kids, I giggled as I typed out your name) To be honest, I'm a little unsure about it based on Trip Advisor. Seems to be hit or miss, with the positive reviews being people who upgraded to Royal Service. Being a timeshare exchange, I don't think we'd be able to upgrade. I will do some HW about it.  But I will PM you! I'd love to see your pics!
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    That's where my wedding is in almost exactly a month!  I read a lot of reviews on the resort, and I am super excited about staying there.  The pools look gorgeous , and there are a ton of restaurants. 

    However, at this point, I am less than thrilled with their wedding coordinator who seems to have forgotten to check/respond to her emails and phone calls for the last three months.  BUT, you would not have to deal with them for your HM.

    Good luck in choosing! 
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    We are getting married there in less than a month!  I agree, Trip Advisor sometimes scares the crap out of me, but everyone that I have personally spoken too about Melia has been thrilled about their stay there, so I'm optomistic that it will be fantastic!  We did, however, upgrade to Royal Service as did a lot of our guests. I don't see why you still couldn't even being a timeshare.
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