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Trash the dress question?

Can any of you ladies that have used your "real" wedding dress as your trash the dress tell me how it held up???
I can't find a ttd that I like and I'm thinking about using my real dress, but I'm worried it will be messed up with sand ect....
I want to wear it again at our AHR so I don't want to ruin it.
Any advice please???

Re: Trash the dress question?

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    I don't have any advice, but I'm thinking about doing the same thing, so thanks for asking this question!  Hopefully we'll get some responses!!!
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    I know a bride who used her dress and the saltwater trashed it.  It is yellow and pretty much IS called Trash the dress!  I hope this helps..I know it's not what you wanted to hear!

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    I have a silk (silk satin not taffeta) dress with lace and it came out cleaner than before and perfect.  Jaime's friend's experience is the only bad one I've ever heard. 

    I hosed it off in our jacuzzi after and had it cleaned at the resort for $20 (Score!).  I then wore it to our AHR.  So I say, Go for it! 
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    Im planning on trashing the REAL dress in the water.  I'll keep you posted in two weeks as to how it came out :)
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    I agree with Jenni and others.  Although I didn't know what TTD was before I came on this Board, I have since met several brides who did exactly that (use their dress) and it came out whiter/cleaner after dry cleaning.  And, in all of the reviews I've read on-line, I dont' think I've read any negative reviews with regard to the dress not cleaning up nicely after dry cleaning.

    I have two dresses myself, but I'm thinking I may just use my 'real' dress and save my TTD dress for both the AHR's.
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    Most of the reviews I've heard said that the dress came out cleaner than before the TTD.
    If we decide to do a TTD session then I'll be wearing my real dress.
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