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Favorite Friday!

Here is where we discuss our favorite things both WR and NWR from the past week!!

Have a GREAT weekend ladies!!
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Re: Favorite Friday!

  • WR- Finally booked our flights to Jamaica!!  Huge relief and so exciting!  Also got our Marriage License paperwork together to send in for processing!

    NWR- I passed my last CPA exam!!!  No more studying!
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    Hey Ladies Happy Friday!!! Tomorrow is the start of December!! and I couldnt be more excited!!!!
    NWR- We rescued an American Bulldog last night! I did not think we would have another dog but he was free and so so sweet and gorgeous!

    WR- Boudoir shoot when great! and tux shopping on Sunday!!!!
    Congrats again Nicole that is an awesome accomplishment!
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  • Congrats again Nicole! Brit, that's awesome- I love American Bulldogs. 

    WR: nothing much wedding related right now. I think we're going shopping for wedding bands in the next few weeks. 

    NWR: OMG, it's Friday.  That's enough for me right now! 
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  • Happy Friday! Congrats Nicole - that is great! Brite-Yay! rescue dogs are the best :)

    WR- One couple we invited that had told us maybe said that they are officially going now - booked their time off and started planning out a whole road trip thing to make the wedding. Yay! Other than that I've been slacking on wedding stuff - I did email all the vendors to see if they could schedule a meeting for the same time we are going out there for our tasting.

    NWR- I did 2 boot camp classes this week and I can still move. I'm hoping to get a workout tape in tonight and maybe tomorrow. Also - I had a hair appt with a new girl (my hair girl was switching jobs in preparation of having her baby) and it didn't suck. She had tons of ideas and seemed to really get what I was looking for - our next appointment she is going to lift some of the color so that I can get a more natural look going for the wedding.
  • WR: pretty much everything is done. Just nailing down the timeline and confirming with vendors!

    NWR: today is my LAST day of student teaching. I'm really sad but glad to be done too. My first period threw me a party with a ton of food and made a giant poster for me. I am really going to miss them!

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  • WR - The wedding is 1 week from today!  OMG!  I think that it has finally hit us that we leave on Tuesday morning!!! Just need to finish up packing, get a mani & pedi and run to the mall for a new bathing suit cover up.

    NWR - It's Friday and I only have to finish up work today, work a few hours on Monday and then I am outta here for 2 weeks...Woo-Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nicole - Congrats again on your CPA!!!!
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  • Trudy - ONE WEEK! woohoo!
  • Thanks Sara - It is crazy!!  I can't believe that we leave on Tuesday morning!  I feel surprisingly calm...hope it stays that way :-)

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  • Ahhh Trudy!!! You are missing some sparkly head gear!!!
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