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FINALLY, he'll be home for good!

So, some of you might know that since last March my FI has been working out of town M-F.  It's nice that he get's to come home on the weekends so I know it's not nearly as bad as couples who are spread across the country, but it's still been hard.  Well, he got an email today saying that his last day in Jeff City, MO is Friday, March 5th!  

The annoying thing about it is he started this gig March 15th of last year, and it was only supposed to last 6-8 months.  Now they've kept him there so long that he's coming home a week shy of 1 year, and a week shy of our wedding!  I told him that if they try to keep him longer he's telling them NO.  It's time to move on with our lives!

Anyway, I'm just excited that we finally have a "light at the end of the tunnel" finally, and had to share.  :)

Re: FINALLY, he'll be home for good!

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