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Today's Knottie of the Day is Angela (11beck)!! She will be married next Friday, April 13 but is leaving this Friday. She has some great advice!!

Congrats, Angela!! We can't wait to hear all about your special day. 

1. First Name & Fiance's First Name
Angela & Nick

2. Your Age and Fiance's Age
23 & 25

3. What city were you born in?
Westfield, NY

4. What city do you live in?
Bemus Point, NY (south of Buffalo)

5. Where did you go to college?
SUNY Fredonia

6. What was your major?
Math education & math

7. What is your current job?
I sub day to day for now while I'm job hunting.

8. What is your dream job?
I'd love to do anything near the beach! Maybe a bakery.

9. How did you and your fiance' meet?

We meet on the first day of college classes for me.  We were in the same class.  The next semester we ended up being partners for a class and got to be friends.  The following spring we started dating.

10. When did you get engaged, and how did he do it??
We got engaged on June 11, 2011.  I was helping with high school track and had big meets every weekend.  He kept wanting to go eat dinner at this park that looks out over Lake Erie.  With track I kept getting to his house too late and couldn't figure out what his deal was.  Finally, we were able to plan dinner there had Chinese, lol.  Then we took a little walk around.  He headed back over to the gazebo and I kept telling him lets go home.  He practically ordered me over there so that he could get down on one knee!  I was shocked and don't even really know what I said.  I do know that he had to ask me twice before I could answer, haha.

11. When is the Wedding Day?
Friday, April 13, 2012

12. Where is the ceremony and reception?
We will be having the ceremony on the beach near the beach house we rented on Isle of Palms, SC.  We'll go back for dinner at the house too.  Then our AHR is on May 26 at a lakeside park.

13. What are your wedding colors?

14. Where are you honeymooning?
Ha! Good question. With grad school we'll be lucky if we get to go anywhere.

15. Favorite wedding vendor so far?
I really like the guy we are renting our house from.  He has been so easy to work with, even with my thousands of questions, 25+ people being there for dinner, and a our dog.

16. Biggest wedding splurge?
Hmm...I've been pretty good about keeping everything pretty on budget, but I did spend more than I wanted on my shoes.  It's so hard to find teal ones!

17. What is something you wish you could have at the wedding but don't?
I think I'd like to have weathered benches for the guests at the ceremony and maybe something for us to stand under.  But then again it's only going to take 15 minutes so why bother, lol.

18. Another Knottie whose wedding you'd like to attend?
I think any of the Hawaii girls.  I want to go there so bad!

19. Favorite book?
I love to read so I have many.  Any of the Stephine Plum books by Janet Evonovich, hilarious!

20. Favorite movie?
I love Remember the Titian's, such good music and story.

21. Favorite tv show?

22. Favorite wedding dress designer?
No idea, an inexpensive one?

23. Any advice you can give to other Knotties whose big day is coming up?
Try not to stress about it.  Everything will work out even if it's not exactly how you planned.  Also, sometimes it's easier to make peace with people as long as it doesn't hurt others or your budget.  

24. Is there anything you wish you could change about your wedding?

25. Tell us your Knottie name and how you came up with it.
11beck,  My number all through sports in high school was 11 so I use it for everything and my name.
26. Tell us about yourself!
Well, I am an only child and grew up in the middle of no where, literally.  Our traffic jams consist of Amish buggies getting in the way. I love playing sports, reading, and going on vacation.  Twice a year my parents and I usually go to the beach.  If we could move there I would in a heartbeat!  Otherwise I am a certified math teacher, finishing up my masters, and on the job hunt.  Oh and I'm a golden retriever snob, sorry but I love em! =)
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