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Happy Hump Day Ladies!  

B - yogurt, berries and granola
L - low fat bean burrito and side salad
S - apple
D - turkey tacos (maybe) (we are in the process of using up what is in the fridge/freezer before we go away!)

WO - session with the trainer! 

Have a healthy day!
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Re: Accountability

  • Morning!

    L-veggie burger / salad
    S- banana
    D-probably chicken taco leftovers.

    WO- Boot Camp #2. I'm feeling pretty sore from Monday so hopefully a bit of moving around will loosen everything up!!
  • Ah hump day!! B: Special k cereal and skim S: half cappuccino half coffee, when I drink this it always curbs my hunger for some reason! L: Half of a jimmy johns sandwich S: ? D: If hungry after work out probably other half of sandwich and Idk maybe peas they dont really go with a sandwich but they sounds yummy! W/O trouble zones video. I forgot how much it makes my abs hurt! Its mostly arm and ab work outs. Donated blood Monday so been holding back on the cardio. Have a great night ladies!!
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