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Today's DW Knottie of the Day

is Sara aka saric83!!!

I'm posting this really early simply because I'm not sure how much people will be around before the wedding!! I want to wish a huge congratulations on your wedding!! It will be phenemonal!!! Have an amazing time in Mexico and make sure you post pictures afterwards!!

1. First Name & Fiance's First Name Sara & Dan

2. Your Age and Fiance's Age 28 & 32

3. What city were you born in? St Paul, MN

4. What city do you live in? Minneapolis, MN

5. Where did you go to college? Metropolitan State University

6. What was your major? Professional Communications

7. What is your current job? Project Coordinator

8. What is your dream job? It's pretty darn close right now, but maybe in the Community Relations department of my company

9. How did you and your fiance' meet? : )

10. When did you get engaged, and how did he do it?? Just before midnight last Christmas Eve - After we got back from time with our families, we planned to open our presents to each other at our house that night.  So after we opened our presents, he snuck the ring box under the tree and got down on one knee while I was picking up the wrapping paper, and when I turned around, he was on one knee and said some lovely things that I don't really remember because I was too excited.  

11. When is the Wedding Day? 12.3.11

12. Where is the ceremony and reception? On the rooftop sky terrace at Beach Palace in Cancun

13. What are your wedding colors? There's no designated colors, but it's shaping up to mainly be gray, yellow, aqua

14. Where are you honeymooning? Partially in Cancun, and then we have two mini-moons planned for February and March (Orlando and Chicago) and then a European trip for the summer.

15. Favorite wedding vendor so far? Probably the designer of our invitations since we've gotten so many comments about them

16. Biggest wedding splurge? Lounge furniture at the reception

17. What is something you wish you could have at the wedding but don't? Nothing I can think of : )

18. Another Knottie whose wedding you'd like to attend? Any of the other Palace brides' weddings would be awesome to see how everyone did something a little different with the same type of options

19. Favorite book? Strega Nona (I'm a total geek for children's books!)

20. Favorite movie? The Princess Bride

21. Favorite tv show? The current favorite is probably Modern Family. 

22. Favorite wedding dress designer? I'm a total sucker for beautiful and romantic Monique Lhuillier dresses, but I would never pay that for a dress.

23. Any advice you can give to other Knotties whose big day is coming up?  To just relax and go with it!  It's so much easier said than done, but if you chose a destination wedding, you have to be ready to give up a lot of control.  Pick a few things that are important to you and FI to be a certain way and just let go of everything else.  At the end of the day, centerpieces, favors, bridesmaid dresses and all of the other little details are just details that don't make you any less married if they don't turn out perfectly.  Take time to remember that the end goal of this really should be a marriage, not just a wedding.  It will all work out! : )

24. Is there anything you wish you could change about your wedding? Nope!

25. Tell us your Knottie name and how you came up with it. I usually go by Sari (pronounced Sar-ee) instead of Sara, and c is my last initial with the year I was born.  Very boring....I'm lame.

26. Tell us about yourself! Hmm....I absolutely adore my life right now, and I feel incredibly lucky to have had everything fall into place where I have the life I've always wanted and hoped for, not just one I settled for.  I love my job with my dream company, spending my time with FI, training our super cute dog we recently adopted, reading, monthly girls' nights, making lots of espresso and drinking far too much coffee, Pilates, biking (as in leisurely riding...My bike is has an automatic gear shifting system with a back pedal brake, a bell and a basket...I look ridiculous), and hanging out at all of the farmers' markets throughout town.  I'm beyond excited to get married and start thinking about address this baby fever and get on to the next adventure in our lives!  : )
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