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**Cassidy** (and Meg)

hey girl!!

so you can definitely have the To-Do Tuesday post!  Thanks girl!  Meg will back you up if you forget.  Thanks, Meg!

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Re: **Cassidy** (and Meg)

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    Whooohoo three days!!!
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    Ahhhh!!!!!!  So much to do at work, and I still need my wedding jewelry!!  Hitting another store today and hope to find something I like that doesn't hurt the pockets too hard.  I am so tired, my body aches from all this running around after work and last weekend.  I can only imagine how my mom feels running around with me, she is such a trooper!

    I am a bit stressed about my work load right now, new things just piled in!  I am going to WTF this! lol!!
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    Just think about relaxing at the beach in a few days and you'll get through! You're so close! I'll probably be panicking :-) 

    I can definitely do it, don't worry! Good to know that Meg can back me up though- I can be flaky. 
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    Lol!  Cassidy- I am almost on the verge of panic, but I did find my wedding jewelry (will do a check thread for that!)

    I have talked myself out of panic attacks all week for things ranging from the ceremony music, which I decided is not something to lose sleep over to my shoes feeling as if they are a half size too big (too late to exchange, they just came in the mail and the store doesn't carry this shoe in stock :-( )

    My latest concern, which is pretty huge, is the song I will dance to with my mother!!  Long story, but some stuff went down two years ago with my father and I am having my mother walk me down and dance with me...He will be there, but our relationship needs LOTS of mending.  It's actually really sad and I've already cried three times this week over it, but I have my reasons for choosing my mom and am sticking to them, no matter how sad I feel when I watch a father daughter dance on video :-( But I digress, I need a song to dance with my mother...maybe you have some suggestions? We were thinking something from a Disney movie we "grew up" together with...I need to get on this ASAP!!
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    Soooo...Cassidy I wrote you on facebook and mentioned in another post...Shannon volunteered for the Tuesday post and it completely slipped my mind!  So no worries about being flaky, lol!! 

    I feel so silly right now, ::sigh::
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