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My Good/Bad/Ugly

Our wedding was the best day of our lives. I feel so lucky and blessed now that it’s all over. I still get excited calling him my husband and last night he was saying how happy he is in life and with me being his wife.  I love being a newlywed!


The good:


-My hair and makeup were fabulous! I loved my lady and DH was in awe. I felt so pretty.


-My family friend who lives in HI had his wife and her friend bring in SO many tropical flowers from their gardens and did it for free! We had beautiful centerpieces and they worked so hard to make everything look pretty (cake table/arch/etc). I ended up giving them money and thank you cards. It was so unexpected!


-The house we rented was Gorgeous! The view was breath taking and we got a killer deal ($500 a night split by 10 people- $50/per person!) I don’t think we could get married locally for that price!


-Our Kahu (Hawaiian pastor) was Amazing! He made our ceremony go so smoothly and it was so special and touching. We got a ton of compliments from family and friends attending and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the crowd. I was proud that I was able to hold back a lot of the tears (I cried twice but softly). FI cried more than me I think!


-My cake was pretty, tasted great. The food was good – it all got eaten. The music was perfect. My decorations worked out well.


-My bridesmaid from NE brought her best friend Q to HI and she stayed at our house too, she was such an amazing help! Not only is she a hairstylist and did all the BM’s hair, she was able to touch mine up before the ceremony (we did beach pics first and it was windy, my hair got a little messy). She also was So helpful and hung a bunch of the lanterns and helped with making my bouquet and was our ipod dj. 

The Bad:

-Traffic in Honolulu was a PITA! Our rental house was about 30 minutes from there, so there was a bit of a drive. I got lost a few times (even with gps), stuck in traffic a lot, was 45 mins late to my hair trial and it was a bit stressful running all the errands the day before the wedding.


-The tail end of a tropical storm was rolling through and we got a huge down pour of rain about 20 minutes after the ceremony. We had to move everybody’s chairs inside and towel them off. There was a big dining room table most people crowded around and 2 tables outside were covered. The cloth napkins, my tissue pom rings and my lanterns got soaked (luckily the lanterns dried and I salvaged half of them for the AHR).  We were able to get all the photos with family done and I didn’t care, I was happy to be married and they say rain is good luck!


-People didn’t stay as long as I had hoped. I’m not sure why, DH says who cares…but I wonder if it was the rain, that it was getting dark soon and the drive back to their hotels was 35 mins or if it was because I whizzed through all the traditions (first dance, cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss, etc). Only about 12 of the 36 people stuck around to dance and party. I felt like I should’ve mingled more but I was just so relieved and ready to party!


-The cops got called on us! We had the music on til after midnight and we were all drunk and dancing/singing with the windows open (no a/c) so I’m pretty sure the neighbors next door called on us. The cops were cool though and when DH went outside to talk to them, they were like “congrats man!”


-The driveway to the house was a huge biatch! It was SO steep that I couldn’t even drive up it, DH had to get a running start and gun it up the hill. It was a pain for our guests and we usually opted to park and the bottom and huff up the hill (it was a good little workout though!). My poor hair lady dropped her makeup kit as she was leaving down the hill.


The Ugly:

-The night before the wedding my bridesmaids realized that my cousin Mallory’s dress was the wrong shade of pink! Dumb delia’s had like multiple dye lots of the dress or something. The other girls’ dress was hot pink and hers was more fuschia. I had ordered all 5 dresses at the same time too. Mallory lives in Omaha (nowhere near the other bm’s) so she had no idea the dress was the wrong shade. At that point I didn’t care, there was nothing we could do about it.


-My shellac nails chipped the day we arrived! I had to get white polish to touch up the tips. I got them done the night before we flew out and the dumb salon misunderstood me when I booked the appt a few weeks prior. I had made the appt for 5 of us ladies (my sisters, mom and FMIL)…somehow they only wrote in appts for 2 of us! My sisters went to a different salon and my FMIL wasn’t able to get her nails done.


-The stairs in the house had been newly finished and the owner specifically told us to take our shoes off when walking up and down the stairs. Someone at the wedding managed to scuff 3 stairs with their bright red shoes (or maybe it was red nail polish?) we weren’t able to buff it out and we’re hoping they won’t deduct a big chunk of our deposit for it.


Overall the bads weren’t too bad and the uglies didn’t bother me that much. I know a lot worse things could have happened so I’m really happy with how it all went down and feel like it was all just so beautiful.

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